VideoProc Converter AI v6.3 Transforms to 64-bit Architecture for Faster Speed in AI Enhancing and Video Processing

VideoProc Converter AI v6.3 Transforms to 64-bit Architecture

VideoProc Converter AI v6.3 now arrives with 64-bit architecture, turbocharging the AI processing speed to improve video and image quality for Windows users.

VideoProc Converter AI is expanding its leadership in AI-powered video enhancement, with the porting from 32-bit to 64-bit architectures and faster software iterations.”

— Angie Tane

CHENGDU, SICHUAN, CHINA, January 17, 2024 / — Digiarty Software, Inc., a leading software provider specializing in AI-powered video processing, announced today that the company’s star product, VideoProc Converter AI, has been updated to version 6.3 with a 64-bit architecture that runs flawlessly on 64-bit Windows OS. This native support brings overall better performance and faster AI processing, especially when dealing with large videos and images. The updates also added support to preserve transparency in PNG images and retain DTS audio track, and optimized the UX of video frame interpolation with separated “Insert Frames” and “Slow Motion” options.

As a frontrunner in AI-driven video and image enhancement, upscaling, and restoration of old video quality, VideoProc Converter AI has already empowered over 4 million users worldwide. Its comprehensive capabilities include video conversion, editing, compressing, recording, and DVD digitizing, making it a go-to solution for resolving video issues, boosting productivity, and reviving cherished memories in videos and photos.

Following the launch of AI functionality in October 2023, VideoProc has gained even more favor from users. To improve the user experience, its development team has been consistently testing and optimizing the code framework, and endeavors are made to attain faster processing speed with better native utilization of system resources and hardware.

Now with this major upgrade to v6.3, VideoProc Converter AI takes a giant stride forward by embracing 64-bit architecture, delivering a multitude of benefits to its users.

The built-in AI features are now turbocharged with faster processing speed under the 64-bit architecture: AI Super Resolution for video and image upscaling, AI Frame Interpolation for smooth slomo and high FPS conversion, and AI Stabilization for video deshaking.

“At Digiarty, we go way beyond traditional solutions to fix low-quality videos, revive old footage, digitize and upscale old DVDs, retouch cherished photos, and venture for 4K, 8K, and 10K resolutions with natural details,” said Angie Tane, Marketing Manager from the company. “As its flagship software, VideoProc Converter AI is expanding its leadership in AI-powered video enhancement, with the porting from 32-bit to 64-bit architectures and faster software iterations that answer the needs of various use cases.”

1. Major Update – VideoProc Converter AI v6.3 Now Supports 64-bit Operating Systems:

• The 64-bit architecture can utilize larger RAM, which is its main advantage. The previous 32-bit version could only utilize a maximum of 4GB of RAM, while the 64-bit version has almost no limit.
• Before this update, handling large images was challenging due to restricted RAM, but now it’s much easier as the 64-bit architecture can utilize RAM based on requirements per task.
• The 64-bit version of VideoProc Converter AI has a faster processing speed for the Super Resolution feature and the Frame Interpolation feature. For videos below 480p, the processing speed for video frame interpolation is more than 5 times faster.

2. What Will Happen for Users on 32-bit Computers?

The previous versions of VideoProc Converter AI were built with the 32-bit architecture, which can be run on both 64-bit and 32-bit computers. However, the drawback is that the 32-bit version software is not optimized for 64-bit computers, leading to suboptimal performance.

“VideoProc Converter AI v6.3 will be delivered as the 64-bit version, offering enhanced performance for 64-bit computers. It cannot run on 32-bit computers, which is usually not an issue as 32-bit PCs are rarely used these days,” said Huston Xu, Development Manager at Digiarty Software. “Still, we will provide users requesting the 32-bit version with the installation link. Users can simply ask the support team for the link.”

3. More Improvements in VideoProc Converter AI v6.3 (Windows Version):

• Alpha Channel Transparency Support: Users can upscale PNGs and enhance image quality using the Super Resolution AI feature while preserving the alpha channel (transparency) information.
• Improved Frame Interpolation Interface: The redesigned interface provides separate options for “Insert Frames” and “Slow Motion.” The former boosts low FPS to high FPS with AI interpolating algorithms, while the latter creates AI slomo to highlight the action.
• DTS Audio Track Support: Enhanced support for copying the DTS audio track to the output file after AI video processing.
• Resolved some issues, including the occasional non-export of all frames in Snapshot and the appearance of a black border on images in Super Resolution.

4. New Feature in Mac Version:

VideoProc Converter v6.3 for Mac improved the speed and efficiency when running on the latest version of macOS Sonoma.

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