A New Chapter: Massachusetts’ Mother-Daughter Author Duo Prove It’s Never Too Late for Imagination

Bradykin’s Birthday Adventure

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Duo Releases Birthday Book for Dog Lovers

Family traditions shaped my childhood, turning birthdays into cherished memories.”

— Megan Downing

HANOVER, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, January 15, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Briley & Baxter Publications proudly presents the latest enchanting addition to the Bradykin series, “Bradykin’s Birthday Adventure – A Rhyming Tale of Magic and Friendship,” penned by the dynamic mother-daughter duo, Susan and Megan Downing of Hanover, Mass. The book follows the success of their previous bestsellers, “Bradykin Visits Martha’s Vineyard” and “Bradykin’s Joyful Adventure,” with each release capturing the hearts of readers young and old.

In a world where age is no barrier to pursuing dreams, Susan Downing, a 57-year-old veteran of the mortgage industry, and her 22-year-old daughter, Megan, a senior at Merrimack College, have teamed up to create a magical literary universe centered around Bradykin, a lovable Coton de Tulear from Massachusetts.

“Bradykin’s Birthday Adventure – A Rhyming Tale of Magic and Friendship” is set to release on January 30, 2024, and will be available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon and other online retailers.

The Bradykin series began with “Bradykin Visits Martha’s Vineyard,” transporting readers on a summer vacation filled with tradition and delight. The magic continued in “Bradykin’s Joyful Adventure,” where Bradykin embarked on a quest for smiles and happiness throughout the seasons. Now, in their third installment, “Bradykin’s Birthday Adventure” invites readers to join Bradykin on a whimsical journey from a mysterious pirate shipwreck to their very own doorstep, celebrating special days in the most magical way.

“Family traditions shaped my childhood, turning birthdays into cherished memories,” said Megan. “Even at 22, those traditions continue to resonate, bringing joy to every celebration.”

The Downing duo’s story is not just about the adventures of Bradykin but a testament to the power of chasing one’s dreams, no matter the age or career background. Susan’s shift from a 32-year-long career in the mortgage industry to writing, coupled with Megan’s passion for education and creative writing, showcases the endless possibilities that await those who follow their hearts.

Megan Downing’s influence extends beyond the writing process; during elementary school, she played a pivotal role in convincing her parents to adopt Bradykin as their beloved family pet. This love for their furry friend has become the heartbeat of the Bradykin series, as Megan infuses her tales with a deep connection to Martha’s Vineyard and creative ideas that shape both the storyline and imagery.

The duo’s commitment to their craft is evident not only in the captivating stories but also in their dedication to mental well-being. The themes of joy and happiness woven into the narratives aim to inspire young readers to find lasting happiness from within, navigating the challenges of modern life with resilience and delight.

“Bradykin’s Birthday Adventure – A Rhyming Tale of Magic and Friendship” is set to continue the series’ tradition of enchanting readers of all ages, emphasizing the importance of family, friendship and the magic of imagination.

About the Authors: Susan Downing, based in Hanover, Mass., draws inspiration from her favorite elementary English teacher, Mrs. Beatrice Barnicle, as she captures the essence of small-town values, family traditions, and happy memories. Megan Downing, currently enrolled in the Winston School of Education and Social Policy at Merrimack College, infuses her love for children, education, and creative writing into the Bradykin series.

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