Samya Rahmani Wins “Best Female Actress” for Her Leading Role in Pomegranate

Samya Rahmani

Samya Rahmani on the set of Pomegranate

Samya Rahmani with co-star Lamar Babi on the set of Pomegranate

Birsamunda International Film Awards presents Samya Rahmani with a “Best Female Actress” award.

Acting is my greatest passion. To be recognized in this way is truly humbling. I share this honor with director/writer, Weam, who created Niran and our wonderful cast and crew who brought her to life.”

— Samya Rahmani

STERLING HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, September 6, 2023/ — We are thrilled to announce that Samya Rahmani won “Best Female Actress” from the prestigious Birsamunda International Film Awards (India).

In Pomegranate, Rahmani plays the lead, Niran Al Mousawi, a recent Muslim refugee-immigrant with her family from Iraq. Inspired by Mesopotamia’s Enheduanna, the first recorded writer in history, Niran dreams of getting her driver’s license, going to college, getting a job and becoming a modern-day journalist or poet, if she can only shake her mother’s strict traditions. Politically liberal, she has trouble accepting the resettlement help of Mary, a neighbor who, although also form Iraq, is politically a conservative, a Christian, and assimilated into American culture.

“I was instantly drawn into the story and Niran’s character as soon as I read the script,” said Rahmani. “The story spoke of resilience and served as a testament to the enduring bonds of family and a reflection of the countless brave individuals who navigate the complex terrain of identity and belonging. I loved breathing life into Niran’s hopes and fears and exploring the intricate balance between embracing one’s heritage and forging a path in a new land. It was surreal finally seeing it all on screen and I feel proud of the work we all put in to make it happen.”

Samya Rahmani is an Iraqi actress who was born in England and raised between Jordan and Canada. She began acting at a young age on stage and continued throughout high school and university. She studied at the Vancouver Academy of Dramatic Arts and at the William Esper Studio in New York. Her career took off when she participated in the short film “Child Bride,” which was screened at the Cannes Film Festival in 2019. She played various roles, including in the series “Little America” on Apple TV+, the series “Woke” on Hulu, and “The Night Agent” and “Firefly Lane” on Netflix. She also made guest appearances in “Riverdale” and “Charmed” on The CW, and “Turner & Hooch” on Disney+. She recently worked on “Lucky Hank” starring Bob Odenkirk and directed by Oscar-winner Peter Farrelly. Samya’s career continues to rise with leading roles in Arab projects such as the critically acclaimed tv show “New Baghdad”, the highly anticipated feature film “The Blind Ferryman”, and the multi-award-winning feature film “Pomegranate” directed by Weam Namou.

“When I saw Samya’s demo reel, I knew she had to play Niran, our main character,” said Namou. “She had the beautiful soft features and strong characteristic of Niran. I didn’t learn that she’s of Iraqi background until the day of the audition, and that made it even more special for me to have her play this role.”

Namou worked together in association with Legendary Hollywood Executive Producer, Scott Rosenfelt, Hollywood veteran Sam Sako, and Buffalo 8 Productions (Santa Monica, CA) to produce the movie. Pomegranate, the novel, was released in February 2021 and it’s available in print, eBook, and audiobook. Also take a look at Trailer #2!

Birsamunda International Film Awards features top films from the world’s filmmakers as well as introduces new, talent from around the world. Their mission is to discover high quality and ambitious films, to promote filmmakers’ works and to help them realize their dreams.

In addition to the receiving this award from the prestigious Birsamunda International Film Awards, Pomegranate has also been recognized with the following awards / selections:

* La Femme Independent Film Festival (Paris, France) Winner of:
– Best Feature Film in English
– Best Original Feature Script
– Outstanding Supporting Actress (Zain Shami)
* New York International Women Festival – Winner of all Categories for Best Feature Film Directed by a Woman
* Luleå International Film Festival (Sweden) (Best Feature Film)
* Birsamunda International Film Awards (India) – Best Feature Film on Women
* Castle Film & Media Award (Rome, Italy) (Official Selection)
* Santa Barbara International Movie Awards (Nominee)
* San Diego International Film Awards (Semi-Finalist)
* San Jose Independent Film Festival (Semi-Finalist)
* St. Louis Film Awards (Semi-Finalist)
* Prague Underground Film Festival (Semi-Finalist)
* Vancouver Independent MovieMakers Award (Semi-Finalist)

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