Rising Suns Agency Founder Alex Appoints Robert Gilbert as Partner/President and Head of Talent/M&A

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Robert Gilbert become Partner and President of Rising Suns Agency changing the way agencies in the space operate!

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, February 15, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Alex Sunshine has announced that Rising Suns Agency is appointing Robert Gilbert as Partner/President and Head of Talent / M&A. Since Mr. Gilbert has experience in creating and connecting brands, his addition to the agency marks a great achievement for the agency.

Passionate about helping creators and brands thrive, the Rising Suns Agency brings together brilliant-minded people to its fold. Mr. Sunshine’s decision to bring Mr. Gilbert into the agency reflects his commitment to driving value for its clients. In his role as President, Mr. Gilbert will not only drive sustainable growth but also improve the market position of the agency.

“Rising Suns Agency believes that Mr. Gilbert is an ideal asset for the company to lead,” said Mr. Sunshine, the CEO and Founder of the agency in his announcement. “Gilbert’s expertise in the food and beverage industry, and unparalleled skills in technology and retail have earned him a proven track of success by boosting the profitability of multinational corporations.”

Mr. Sunshine also revealed that they were impressed by the efforts that Mr. Gilbert has made for the industry and is certain that by leveraging his skills, the agency will deliver value to its clients globally.

“He is a gem, and we are excited to bring him on as Partner,” Mr. Sunshine stated.

About Robert Gilbert

Recently appointed as the President and Head of Talent / M&A, Mr. Gilbert aims to connect influential people and brands. He is also the President of MSH Enterprises Corp a leading food and beverage conglomerate. With executive leadership, Mr. Gilbert has garnered many success stories. While leading MSH Enterprises, he revolutionized the dining and culinary experience of his clients. His pivotal role in shaping strategic initiatives and delivering value-driven solutions pumped up profit for many corporations.

While showing gratitude for his appointment, Mr. Gilbert said that being a reputable platform, Rising Suns Agency has transformed many dreams into reality, and he is glad to be a Partner of it.’

Expressing his commitment, he said, ‘’I look forward to fulfilling my role by leveraging my expertise and insights to help our clients grow. I love to change the lives of people around me which creates my success. Doing that will motivate people to play their part, too. Together, we can win and transform many more lives.’’

Before the inception of MSH and RSA, Robert made significant contributions as a vital member of the business development team and SVP of Sales for various technology companies, collectively amassing over 5 billion dollars in revenue. His pivotal role involved orchestrating and overseeing the global market expansion. Under the leadership of Mr. Gilbert, the Rising Suns Agency aims for flourishing and enduring relationships for both talent and brands. Being able to understand different ideologies and brand building allows Mr. Gilbert to lead the team and tackle various challenges in a dynamic economic climate.

About Rising Sunshine Agency

Having 5 years of influencer and celebrity marketing experience, the Rising Suns Agency, nestled in New York City, aims to help people chase their dreams and transform them into reality. While aligning with values, the agency tends to make a big impact. What makes the agency stand out is its authenticity and creativity. For more information, visit http://www.risingsunsagency.com

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