Recluse American Symbologist Surfaces – Activities Surpass Fictional DaVinci Code Movie Actor

Owl shown with one eye closed Mars like Rover leaves from Mother ship 32000 BCE

Sacred Heart of the Cross

2009 Parachute Colorado Mobil Lease

A real life “Symbolgist” just cracked the Shamanic Symbolic Art Code that Spans History Pushing Back the Dawn of Religion some 15,000 years to Chauvet Cave

We know how to travel through the dimensional membranes of heaven.”

— Sir Knight Daryl Breese

NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, April 15, 2024 / — A 43 year pervasive research project exploring the spiritual world has revealed secret intrinsic knowledge known only to initiates. A press release came out on Leap Day this year, announcing the landmark formula for the Mystical Shamanic Code. The eclectic research project began in 1981 when the Late French Canadian Dr. Gerald DÁoust had a Lucid Ascension Dream. Then American Daryl Breese joined the elite team in 1994 after a Daylight Angelic Visitation. They Co-Authored “Gods Steed – Key to World Peace” Breese/DÁoust 2011, now the Primer for the Spiritual World. Documents Ascended Masters from history and answers the Age Old Questions. Breese, “We know how to travel through the dimensional membranes of heaven.”
2009, Globe Trotting DÁoust discovered a Pegasus in Chauvet Cave Art and asked Breese to lead the translation of prominent murals. Their book was primary reference to unlock Chauvets Secret Shamanic Symbolism (Iconography), explained in three YouTube Videos.

Dan Brown’s DaVinci Fictional Book/Movie Series, starring Tom Hanks as Professor Robert Langford had many people (including DÁoust) kidding Breese he was the Real American Symbologist. Hanks portrayed a Harvard University Professor teaching Iconography and (fictional) Symbology. Iconography is the Study of Visual Art with Symbols and their meanings. Semiotics is the Study of Symbols, including their use and meaning. Breese has published groundbreaking Semiotics, Iconographic ancient visual art interpretation and Semitic Alphabets. Now, by cracking open the Shamanic Art Code, the Dawn of Religion has been pushed back at least some 15,000 years from Lascaux to Chauvet Cave Art. The team connected Oral Traditional Stories which accompanied Chauvet Graphics down through history into Scriptures Holy Books while simultaneously tracing human migration from Paleolithic Europe to the Americas. YouTube Video, “Black Elks Tree of Life is Blooming!

Fictional Professor Robert Langford was a leading Vatican Advisor; Iconographer; Artificial Intelligence Scientist; Ancient Linguistics Expert and known globally as a leader in understanding the spiritual world.
Breese mirrors those labels, but is profoundly deeper and pervasive. Add Knight; Reverend; AI Futurist: Fluids Engineer; Author; Visionary; Prophecy.

Landmark achievements include:
First Math Award (age six)
Daylight Angelic Visitation 1994
Submitted United Nations Peace Proposals
Solved Many Scripture Mysteries
Beast of Revelation; 666/616; Seven Heavens; Age Old Questions; The Coming
Prophecy 2007
Ascended Master 2010
Chauvet Cave Art Translated 2014
Talk Show Guest/Recognized Expert in Soul/Spirit; Afterlife; Ascension; Holy Spirit Encapsulation; Tree of Life; Centaurs; Speaking in Tongues; Eye of
Providence; Symbolic Shamanic Art; Creating Artificial Life
Patent Application Aquarius – Proven Green Drilling Fluid that Saves Aquifers 2015
Lead Scientist Project Apex – Creating Artificial Super Intelligence
Cracked Shamanic Iconographic Code 2024

Breese may have been the real life template for the Adventuring Professor Robert Langford? Now in his 70’s, with hints of mortality, Breese likes to take a break from real life challenges by watching a Dan Brown Movie.

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