A Journey of Rebellion, Acceptance, and Family

Thunder in the Wind

Unveiling the Struggles of the Assiniboineand Triumphs of Indigenous Peoples in the Face of Oppression

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 12, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The journey of the Assiniboine Indians is remarkable and unforgettable, both for them and for the world. They were among the first to experience forced deculturization by a technologically superior society who subscribed to the ethos of White Man’s burden that was the popular in the late eighteen hundreds.

“Thunder in the Wind” by Curt Orloff explores how a people dealt with the evisceration of their culture. They had to decide whether to surrender to it to preserve their families, as Miskaw’s mother aspired to, or to rebel, as circumstances forced her son. Their perspectives showed how complex and universal the problem is. Today, in several regions, entire cultures are under even more violent attack. It seems few learn from all the cautionary tales history provides, which this historical novel is one.

Curt Orloff has been writing books for five decades, fueled by his passion for storytelling. He holds a bachelor’s degree in history and another in geology, inspired by people and ancient times. “Thunder in the Wind” was born from having been steeped in Indian lore, from growing up on flood plains the Calumet Indians hunted in, living close by prophet’s town, and being an eagle Boy Scout, Advancement in the Scouts mirror Indian age societies. Geologic fieldwork in the West introduced to him to plains Indians. There, he learned how similar the Cree Almighty Voice was uniting regional tribes to that of the Shawnee Tecumseh, who Curt knew about since childhood.

A book about rebellion, acceptance, and family, it’s a valuable addition to anyone’s reading list. Discover the challenges, cultural exploitation, and hardships faced by indigenous peoples striving to maintain their heritage within the culture foisted on them.

“Thunder in the Wind” is available now at leading bookstores and online retailers, promising to captivate readers with its profound message and compelling storytelling.

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