OUT NOW: Original Soundtrack for Popular BL Drama, Jazz for Two

Photo Credit: IPQ

Photo Credit: IPQ

Photo Credit: IPQ

NEW YORK, NY, USA, April 30, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The original soundtrack for the celebrated BL drama Jazz for Two has been released. The original webtoon became #1 on the BL webtoon chart on Lezhin Comics in 2017, and its drama adaptation was released in March 2024.

Starring Hangyeom Song of OMEGA X, alongside Hogeun Jee, Jinkwon Kim, and Jungha Kim, Jazz for Two is a school romance drama involves the story of a jazz nerd Yoon Se-heon who transfers to Wooyeon Arts School, to avoid the pressure of his family and focus on classical music. He then meets Han Tae-yi, who despises jazz due to his own personal trauma. The drama follows all four main characters as they navigate through their own trauma and happenings while at Wooyeon Arts. Just like its title, Jazz for Two includes several jazz instrumental songs and various soundtracks. Each of the four students in the drama shares unexpected stories that are blended into the genre of jazz and evoke a trendy charm.

The Jazz for Two original soundtrack album includes six tracks: “Improvisation,” “이대로 (STAY WITH ME),” “홀로(Alone),” “NEW LIGHT,” “Please Miles,” and “Proust.” These six songs have been put together in order to create a special OST album that allows listeners to enjoy the story of each of the four students in Jazz for Two in a new way. Hangyeom participated in the composition and lyric writing of three of the tracks (“이대로 (STAY WITH ME),” “홀로(Alone),” and “NEW LIGHT”), and OMEGA X bandmate Jaehan participated in the lyric and composition creation for “Improvisation and “이대로 (STAY WITH ME).” The opening of the album is “Improvisation,” and it is a pop track that compares the process of two people who met each other unexpectedly and come together as a ‘jazz improvisation.’ The second track, “이대로 (STAY WITH ME),” is a soft rock song that gives listeners a sense of emotional fondness and is sung by OMEGA X members Jaehan, Hwichan, Hangyeom, and Xen. The third track, “홀로(Alone),” is a ballad song that contains the fear of being alone, sung by A.C.E member Donghun Lee. “NEW LIGHT” is meant to evoke the feeling of fresh excitement and youth with vocals by Hangyeom, who played the role of Suh Do-yoon and provides the “cute” feelings of love. “Please Miles” is an instrumental track that was used in the drama scene where the characters Tae-yi, Se-heon, and Do-yoon are assigned as a group assignment. The music director for Jazz for Two, Kang Min-kook, created “Please Miles” with inspiration from “So What” by Miles Davis. And finally, the album closes with “Proust,” sung by Hogeun Jee (who played the role of Han Tae-yi in Jazz for Two). ‘The Proust Effect’ refers to a situation when scents evoke memories from the past. “Proust” is an arranged version of b101’s song with the same title, and it was played as the ending performance in the final episode of Jazz for Two when four main characters finally became one.

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Jazz For Two OST Part 2. Stay with me – OMEGA X

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