Widow of 2015 Bay Area Drifters Murder Victim Releases Memoir

Behind the High-Profile Killing of Tantra Instructor Steve Carter

This story is one of resilience — a how-to for not just withstanding the worst but emerging from the flames of hell with the ability to still hold love in your heart.”

— Vivian Ho, Journalist and Author of “Those Who Wander”

SAN RAFAEL, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 30, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Steve Carter, a popular Tantra Yoga instructor, was brutally murdered by three San Francisco Bay Area drifters in October 2015. Now his widow, Lokita Carter, has announced the publication of her book, “Reaching for Sunrise: A Widow’s Memoir,” an unforgettable odyssey of love, cancer, murder, and resurrection.

When a rare form of breast cancer threatened to claim her life, Lokita’s fierce battle against the disease was only the beginning of her harrowing journey. As she fought to survive, her world shattered in a shocking act of violence. Her husband, Steve Carter, was gunned down during a peaceful evening walk with their dog in Fairfax, Marin County, California, on a popular hiking trail. The same young drifters who killed Mr. Carter had murdered Canadian backpacker Audrey Carey in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park a few days earlier. The crimes sent shockwaves through the community. The event and the ensuing courtroom proceedings captured the attention of the national media, thrusting his widow’s grief and suffering into the public spotlight.

Lokita Carter’s life became a relentless quest for justice and survival. In “Reaching for Sunrise,” she gracefully narrates her journey from profound trauma to unwavering strength, weaving a quiet cadence punctuated by moments of unexpected humor. Her extraordinary journey unfolds: from the blossoming love story with Steve, to her courageous battle with cancer; navigating through the courtroom drama and confronting those responsible for the killing of her beloved; and ultimately revealing her resilience in the face of such harrowing experiences.

Readers are drawn into a gripping, fast-paced story of true crime and survival, of hope and courage that will inspire those touched by loss, illness, violence, or who seek to be uplifted by the power of the human spirit.

“Reaching for Sunrise: A Widow’s Memoir” presents a powerful, raw and deeply personal behind-the-scenes chronicle of the high-profile murder of Steve Carter, and the effects of gun violence that happens even in one of the most affluent areas of California.

It is a captivating must-read for aficionados of true crime, memoir enthusiasts, and those drawn to narratives of resilience amidst adversity.

Originally from Germany, Lokita Carter met her soulmate Steve in California. For 16 years they led hundreds of Tantra Yoga seminars in the US and internationally. Lokita’s published writing spans the Huffington Post, personal blogs, articles on spirituality, and poetry, plus stories in German anthologies. Her dedication lies in inspiring strength, resilience, and appreciation for life in everyone she touches through her teachings and writing. Read more about the author here.

Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books and other major retailers. The audiobook, narrated by the author, is forthcoming.

For more information, a chapter and audiobook sample visit Lokita Carter’s website.

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