Biology E-Learning Platform Announces Pilot Launch
BioBuddy aims to improve comprehension and access to all learners. With eye-catching animated lecture videos, a customizable Q&A study tool, and tutor walkthrough explanations, this platform makes learning even the most challenging topics fun.

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BioBuddy PR Image, an education technology startup, announces the pilot launch in Ohio for their cutting-edge biology e-learning platform. 

BioBuddy paired world-class animators with experts in biology to create a resource that improves both comprehension and access for all students. BioBuddy offers seven hours of high-quality animated lecture videos, a customizable Q&A study tool, and hundreds of tutor walkthrough explanations. 

All this content is offered online at with packages starting at $9.99/mo. Quality, comprehension, and access are paramount to the founding members of BioBuddy. 

“It is our mission to provide all students, educators, and parents with the highest quality STEM resources. We will continue to work tirelessly to provide content that improves comprehension and makes learning fun. By remaining focused on this task, we aim to inspire the next generation of leaders in the STEM space.” - The BioBuddy Team

BioBuddy is being built at The Ohio State University with the help of the Keenan Center for Entrepreneurship.

The BioBuddy Story:

The idea for BioBuddy began with two non-traditional pre-med students, an Army medic, and a paramedic, who were roommates during a Post Baccalaureate Pre Med program. When their classes had to be delivered remotely because of COVID-19, they noticed a lack of high-quality resources for their STEM classes. This is where the BioBuddy journey began. 

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Contact Information:
Chris Egasti
Founder, BioBuddy LLC
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