Zions Indie Film Fest Emerges as a Must-Attend Festival for Filmmakers
 and a Rising Star in the Film Festival Circuit

ZIFF Awards Ceremony 2024

“Touched by an Angel” ZIFF 2024

"The Faith of Angels" Q&A Session

“The Faith of Angels” Q&A Session

ZIFF celebrates 23 years by adding two days to 2024 festival schedule

Michelle and I knew that after last year’s amazing response, we had to expand the festival to feature more programming. ZIFF is committed to meeting the evolving needs of the industry.”

— Marshall Moore

OREM, UTAH, UNITED STATES, March 11, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Zions Indie Film Fest (ZIFF) kicked off the 23rd annual event by adding two more days to celebrate the work of filmmakers from across the globe. From February 26 to March 2, 2024 at the SCERA Center in Orem, UT, ZIFF showcased a week filled with creativity, inspiration, and cinematic excellence. Featuring over 130 films, special events, and industry panels, attendees celebrated the power of independent filmmaking and storytelling.

Marshall Moore, festival owner and co-director, expressed excitement about the festival’s remarkable growth and success. “As owners of the festival, my wife Michelle and I knew that after last year’s amazing response, we had to expand the festival to feature more programming. Along with the dedicated Board of Directors and staff, ZIFF committed to meeting the evolving needs of the industry and providing unwavering support to Indie filmmakers as they continue to produce the entertainment we all enjoy and look forward to.” This dedication to growth and support ensures that ZIFF remains a beacon of creativity and excellence in the film festival circuit. As the festival grows, it will continue to ignite the passion and impact of independent cinema.

In addition to its diverse lineup, standout highlights during the festival week included a panel discussion with former MLB players on the best baseball movies, and a celebration of Utah’s 100 Years of Film with Executive Producer Martha Williamson, known for her work on the treasured CBS TV series, “Touched By An Angel.” This beloved series shot 211 episodes exclusively in Utah. Actress and Producer Roma Downey shared a touching video message to a theater full of guests that worked on the award-winning production.

The festival opened to a sold-out crowd with the movie “The Faith of Angels,” written and directed by Garett Batty and featuring a talented cast including John Michael Finley (I Can Only Imagine), Cameron Arnett (Overcomer, Running the Bases), Kirby Heyborne (Saints and Soldiers), and Jasen Wade (Inheritance to Love). The film received the Audience Choice award, captivating the audience with its powerful storytelling.

ZIFF recognized outstanding talent with awards in six categories, including documentary short films, short films, documentary features, feature films, music videos, and the new addition this year, short screenplays. The award show highlighted the top three films in each category, along with audience choice awards for each. Additionally, the festival introduced three technical awards for editing, production design, and cinematography. The festival owners closed out the award show with the prestigious Zions Indie Spirit Award. This award goes to the film that captures the meaning of ZION, as a gathering place, bringing people together honoring the overall spirit and impact of the festival. “The Faith of Angels” was the 2024 winner.

Travis Holt Hamilton, director of “Break the Mold: The Zach Bates Story,” was awarded first place in the Documentary Feature category. “I haven’t been a festival fan for many years,” he said. “Most always, it’s about what’s in it for the festival, not the filmmaker. ZIFF has brought the filmmaker back into the equation and created a win-win, win for the filmmaker, the festival, and especially the audience.”

The festival’s success in showcasing uplifting and inspiring films, along with providing valuable industry insights, reaffirmed the importance of film festivals in supporting independent projects. Emphasizing the importance of collaboration in the film industry, Michelle Moore, owner and co-director, shared, “At ZIFF, we are committed to always providing opportunities for filmmakers to showcase their work and connect with fellow creatives. Collaboration is key to fostering a vibrant and supportive community in the world of independent cinema.”

The expanded 2024 Zions Indie Film Fest marked a considerable increase in festival goers . ZIFF24 delivered from start to finish and drew record-breaking numbers with nearly 10,000 in attendance. Filmmakers, industry leaders, and movie goers alike had a full festival experience that included special events and screenings, also adding the ZIFF Music Cafe and bringing in author and historian Jim D’Arc to talk about his final edition of “When Hollywood Came to Utah” while celebrating the 100 years of film and TV in Utah.

For more information about ZIFF and to see a full list of winners, visit zionsindiefilmfest.com

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