Youpi oh! – An appealing and Viral Christmas Song

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An appealing and funny viral Christmas song

SAINT RéMY DE PROVENCE, PACA, FRANCE, November 27, 2023 / — The song Youpi Oh by Freddy Zucchet, a French artist, has enjoyed enormous success during shows and online broadcasts, with 1,000,000 plays and 750 playlists listed on the Spotify platform. It inspired many videos from Internet users, and even tutorials for guitar players on YouTube : Viral Christmas Song.

“Youpi Oh”, performed by Freddy Zucchet and the children of the Universe Club, is part of the CD “Croire au Père Noël”, published by Editions Lugdivine (arrangements by Serge Folie). Other songs on the album are also popular on the web, including “Les Lutins Râleurs” performed by students from the Ottawa High School in Canada.

The theme of Youpi Oh is THE question children ask themselves: how do I distinguish the real Santa Claus from the fake ones everywhere, from the city to the countryside?

Freddy has a trick: if Santa wears sneakers (instead of boots), he’s fake!

Like a spaghetti western, the folk music (flat picking guitar) underlines the outdated character of a Santa Claus who is not even hot, galloping in his shoddy coat in Mexico. Everything is very cheerful, and the children’s voices are charming.

This song is easy to remember, and it’s a favorite for many schools in France and abroad as the holidays approach!

The artists

Freddy Zucchet – Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France

Serge Folie – Lyon, France

Arrangements, keyboards, programming

Gilbert Gandil – Lyon, France


Cécile Giroud – Lyon, France


The children of the Universe Club

With Samira Benourine, who also performed in the recording of the song Welcome to Brighter Days.

Freddy has also produced other international hits.

After “Welcome to Brighter Days“, and a collaboration with prestigious producer Michael Vail Blum (Madonna, Joan Baez, Prince, Michael Jackson…), Freddy Zucchet worked with artists from London and Los Angeles to record a new song: “We Need Water & Rain”.

Appreciative of the song and Freddy’s achievements, Brian Perera, President of Cleopatra Records Hollywood, contacted him and made an offer. Matt Green, Vice President of Acquisitions, is finalizing the administrative and technical areas.

Thanks to this contract with a legendary Los Angeles label, Freddy has the honor of joining artists such as Stephen Stills (Crosby Nash and Young), Yes, MC5, Santana, Elton John, Bob Marley, Jimmy Page, and young artists of the current American scene. “Wow, it feels weird!” Freddy said with a laugh.

Today, Cleopatra Records Inc. brings together many other labels of varied, and sometimes highly specialized styles. “This agreement signed with Freddy Zucchet contributes to the opening of Cleopatra. We need Water & Rain, with its Pop Rock style, fits perfectly into the label’s catalog.“

The song is distributed by The Orchard – SONY Music on 150 platforms, accessible in more than 100 countries.

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