“Yellow Bird” Takes Flight, Winning Best Comedy at LA Film Festival’s Independent Film Showcase

Best Comedy Film – Yellow Bird at LA IFS

Movie poster for "Yellow Bird". "Yellow Bird" is set in a small country-town grocery store and follows the story of Jake (Angus Benfield), a once-successful PR specialist, now a stock boy in his mid-forties, struggling with sobriety and his conscience. #Y

“Yellow Bird,” directed by and starring Angus Benfield, is a multi-award winning family-friendly comedy, and is set to soar at the LA International Film Festival.

Angus Benfield on the red carpet at the LA IFS Festival

Angus Benfield at LA IFS Festival

Angus Benfield’s “Yellow Bird” soars high, winning Best Comedy at LA Film Festival’s Independent Film Showcase. Watch today on tubiTV, Amazon Prime, or AppleTV.

We are thrilled to share that “Yellow Bird” has won the Best Comedy Award at the Los Angeles Film Festival’s Independent Film Showcase!”

— Angus Benfield, Director and Star of “Yellow Bird”

BEVERLY HILLS, CA, UNITED STATES, June 6, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — LAMA Entertainment is excited to share that their heartwarming comedy “Yellow Bird” has soared to new heights, capturing the esteemed Best Comedy Award at the Los Angeles Film Festival’s Independent Film Showcase. Directed by the incredibly talented Angus Benfield, who also stars in the film, “Yellow Bird” has left audiences beaming with its hilarious and heartfelt story.

The Independent Film Showcase, known for celebrating exceptional independent cinema, has recognized “Yellow Bird” for its outstanding comedic performances, engaging storytelling, and remarkable characters. This well-deserved accolade solidifies the film’s status as a standout comedy that resonates with audiences on an exceptional level.

“Yellow Bird” introduces us to a delightful ensemble of characters. Angus Benfield (known for his roles in NCIS LA, Inventing Anna, Heaven) shines as Jake Rush, a once-successful PR agent seeking the person he can’t live without. Alongside him, the Ena O’Rourke (Hashtag Blessed: The Movie) brings her comedic timing to the role of Ellie Rush, Jake’s vivacious wife.

Family Affair’s Kathy Garver (Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends) portrays Rachel, Jake’s feisty widowed mother, who adds a delightful charm to the story with her portrayal of a woman in the early stages of Alzheimer’s, holding onto memories from decades ago while aspiring to fulfill her dream of becoming a movie star; transgender actress Plastic Martyr (Little Women: LA, Botched) as Krystal, Jake’s best friend in his AA group and Brian Doyle-Murray (Caddyshack, JFK, Wayne’s World, Groundhog Day) delivers a witty, layered vocal performance as Jake’s conscience in the guise of a garden gnome!

Under Angus Benfield’s exceptional direction, “Yellow Bird” takes flight as a delightful comedy that combines laughter, heart, and a journey of self-discovery. The film’s success is a testament to the collective efforts of a talented team, including Tony Jerris (Writer), Cliff Goldsmith (Cinematographer), Christopher Hawthorn (Composer), Ruth Benfield (Production Designer), and an incredible ensemble of actors who bring the story to life with their exceptional performances.

This latest achievement adds to the growing list of accolades for “Yellow Bird,” cementing its status as a standout comedy in the industry. The film continues to captivate audiences worldwide, spreading laughter and inspiration through its heartfelt story and unforgettable characters.

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