Xaya’s Breakthrough Hit: ‘Walk Away’ – Charting New Territories in Synth-Wave Altpop

Not Your Average Bubble Bath: Xaya Makes a Splash

Photo of singer Xaya behind the scenes on set of the music video for her song "Walk Away." Xaya is sitting in a shower, likely mid-filming a scene with water flowing in the background. Her expression suggests she might be portraying emotions like sadness

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Xaya’s Shower Scene For Walk Away

A photo of Xaya dancing freely behind the scenes of the "Walk Away" music video. She is in a club setting with green fluorescent lights highlighting her movement. Her stunning makeup, courtesy of Lea Reitberger while her outfit by Manure de Voir.

Xaya: Walk Away – Club Scene (Behind the Scenes)

Emerging artist Xaya drops single “Walk Away,” an interesting mix of house and alt-pop.

LONDON, ENGLAND, April 16, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Xaya, an emerging artist in the music industry, has announced the release of her new single “Walk Away”. The track is now available on all major music streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music. With this captivating track, Xaya showcases her unique blend of house and alt-pop music, marking the beginning of her exciting musical journey.

If you’re not yet familiar with Xaya’s music, let us introduce you. Xaya, a Colombian and European artist, is known for her dark, industrial sounds and heavily distorted vocals. I am impressed with the captivating sound of this musician, which blends pop rhythms and electronic distortion uniquely. Their music is a fantastic example of how combining different genres can result in an innovative and engaging sound.

Born in Buenos Aires and raised in various parts of the world, including Germany and England, Xaya’s diverse cultural background greatly influenced her music and creative approach. When she felt misunderstood and alone, she turned to writing songs as an expression and found empowerment in the process. Her music is her haven and is resonating with people especially.

Xaya’s new single “Walk Away” explores common themes such as leaving unfulfilled dreams behind, managing toxic relationships, dealing with existential questions, and processing loss. The track encourages listeners to reflect on life’s challenges and reminds us of our inner strength. Xaya invites us to self-reflect and heal. The message is powerful, and the song is a must-listen.

Xaya collaborated with Framestrike to release the music video for “Walk Away”, now available on platforms such as Vevo, Tidal, and Apple Music. The video features bizarre yet enthralling visuals, earning it a nomination in the BMVA’s “Most Bizarre” category and a nomination at the Raw Selection at Berlin Commercial. Xaya will be attending BMVA from the 12th of June till the 14th of June, and we are excited to see her first appearance after the release.

Watch the music video here!

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XAYA – WALK AWAY (Official Music Video)

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