Vizion Protocol: Revolutionizing Entertainment on Solana: March 2024 Update

ViZion Protocol executive team (Nick Betancourt & Shane Brown) with Dr. Mehmet Oz

ViZion Protocol is connecting the worlds of blockchain and entertainment industry. We are building the #1 Solana utility token. Big news and events, March 2024.

We stand at the crossroads of blockchain and the movie industry. As we march into March 2024, Vizion Protocol is geared up to become the #1 utility project on the Solana blockchain.”

— Shane Brown, Founder/CEO

TAMPA, FLORIDA, USA, March 9, 2024 / — Vizion Protocol stands at the crossroads of blockchain and the music, film and entertainment industry. As we work diligently into March 2024, Vizion Protocol is geared up to become the #1 utility project on the Solana blockchain. The team’s dedication through the bear market has bore fruit, and we are on the cusp of launching their first utility, backed by a strong foundation of 100 million tokens.

A Celebration of Innovation

Their 2024 journey started on a high note, with Vizion Protocol sponsoring the star-studded Creativo + Ferrari “Any Given Sunday” event during Super Bowl weekend in Las Vegas. The event saw an array of celebrities and influencers, including Dr. Oz, Julian Edelman and Young Dirty Bastard from Wu Tang Clan, as well as crypto industry leaders, aligning with our vision of uniting technology with top-tier entertainment.

2024 Strategic Milestones & Collaborations

In January, the utility token $VIZION, had a successful token launch on the Solana blockchain, via their decentralized exchanges (DEX). Since then, it’s grown to a market cap of $130,000.

Even before the token launched, in July 2022, ViZion’s film was the first blockchain award-winner at SXSW. In 2024, it is now showcased on Showtime and Paramount Plus, underscoring our commitment to bridging blockchain with mainstream media as the first ever, award winning, theatrically released, blockchain film, now streaming. This incredible film was Directed + Written by our Co-Founder, Bill Posley and stars our other incredible Co-Founder, Tunde Laleye.

In March 2023, ViZion continued to build during the bear market and held the Spring Break Music Festival in Tampa, featuring Murda Beatz, AB, Kalii, Lacro$$e and others. Again, this event featured iconic artists and created an immersive experience that resonated with their audience.

Why Solana?

ViZion selected Solana as the underlying blockchain due to its unparalleled transaction speed, scalability, and vibrant community. Since 2021, they’ve been leveraging Solana’s innovative consensus mechanisms, such as Proof of History (PoH) and Proof of Stake (PoS), to ensure a seamless user experience. The recent introduction of the Solana phone aligns perfectly with their commitment to cutting-edge technology, further exciting community members about the endless possibilities with Solana.

What’s Next? Upcoming Utilities

ViZion is on the brink of revolutionizing the Web2 and Web3 landscapes with their dynamic ecosystem. Here’s a sneak peek into what we have in store:

iKonX Music + Entertainment App: Transforming the music industry with a subscription-based platform that utilizes $VIZION as its currency, funneling profits back into their liquidity pool.

TapIn2 Mobile App Collaboration: Expanding $VIZION’s reach as a payment option in collaboration with the #1 app used at stadiums and music festivals.

Creative Project Funding: Bridging the gap for filmmakers, musicians, and event organizers with blockchain, providing funding and exclusive perks.

Exclusive Music Festivals/Events: Throughout 2024, ViZion will continue to curate events that bring their community together, accessible exclusively through $VIZION.

And much much more. There are 3 major strategic milestones lined up that are scheduled to be announced in a press release in April 2024.

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Vizion is led by a team of pioneers and innovators:

Shane Brown (Founder/CEO): A trailblazer in blockchain since 2016, with a remarkable track record of collaborations with global icons such as Beyonce and Lil Wayne, and major entities like Wynn Casino and Caesar’s Entertainment.

Tunde Laleye (Co-Founder): Executive Producer, Film Maker, Actor. Known for his monumental film roles in Black Panther, Six and McGuyver and stars in the titular role in Bitch Ass the Movie.

Bill Posley (Co-Founder): A multifaceted talent from Cobra Kai and Ferris Bueller 2 and the creative force behind writing and directing our film “Bitch Ass,” making waves on Paramount Plus and Showtime.

James Keith (Co-Founder): The visionary behind, an iconic luxury fashion brand and our key advisor who is paramount to our growth and scalability.

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