Virgelia Productions Announces 36th Anniversary Pageant Miss Asia USA, Miss Latina Global and Miss Europe Global

Virgelia Productions 35th Anniversary

Virgelia Productions 35th Anniversary 2023

Virgelia Productions 35th Anniversary Cultural Pageants

Virgelia Productions 35th Anniversary Cultural Pageants 2023

Miss Asia USA Tiffany Chang

For 36 years, our pageants have symbolized unity, empowerment, and the celebration of diversity.”

— Virgelia Villegas

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 31, 2024 / — Virgelia Productions, a trailblazer in the pageant realm, is thrilled to unveil its plans for the 36th anniversary celebration, featuring the esteemed cultural pageants: Miss /Mrs. Asia USA, Miss/Mrs. Latina Global, and Miss/Mrs. Europe Global. Set to transpire on Saturday, November 16 at the iconic Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center, in the city of Redondo Beach California USA.
This year’s theme, “Unity in Diversity,” promises an unforgettable spectacle as Virgelia Productions will add exciting surprises in the pageant.

Dedicated to fostering cultural exchange, diversity, and empowerment, Virgelia Productions has continually championed these values through its pageants. This year’s event epitomizes this commitment, showcasing the rich tapestry of global cultures and the unique identities of women worldwide. The categories of the competition are: The lavish National Costumes to the electrifying Swimsuit Competition and the graceful Evening Competition, contestants will mesmerize audiences while promoting the tourism and culture of their respective countries.

For over three decades, the Miss/Mrs. Asia USA, Miss/Mrs. Latina Global, and Miss/Mrs. Europe Global pageants have served as platforms for women to showcase their talents, intellect, and cultural pride. Representing a kaleidoscope of backgrounds, contestants embody the essence of diversity in all its forms – from ethnicity and heritage to language and traditions.

The Winners Prizes of the 2024 winners are full college scholarships of a BA OR MBA.

Reflecting on this milestone, Virgelia Villegas, President of Virgelia Productions, expressed immense pride, stating, “For 36 years, our pageants have symbolized unity, empowerment, and the celebration of diversity. As we embark on this anniversary edition, our dedication to fostering understanding and appreciation among different cultures has never been stronger.”

The theme “Unity in Diversity” encapsulates the spirit of the pageants, highlighting the beauty and resilience that arise when individuals from various backgrounds unite in harmony. It serves as a poignant reminder that, despite our differences, we are bound by our shared humanity and aspirations for a brighter future.

The 36th anniversary celebration of Miss / Mrs. Asia USA, Miss / Mrs. Latina Global, and Miss / Mrs. Europe Global will feature a series of captivating events, culminating in the highly anticipated crowning ceremony where winners will have the honor of representing their cultures on an international stage.

Virgelia Productions invites pageant contestants applicants, supporters, sponsors, and enthusiasts of cultural diversity to join in this momentous occasion and celebrate the beauty of unity amidst diversity. Together, let us continue to champion the values of inclusivity, respect, and appreciation for all cultures.

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Tiffany Chang Crowned 35th Miss Asia USA at Virgelia Productions 2023

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