Vargas Dynasty Triumphs in The Rio Grande Valley and Remain Undefeated

Fernando Ferocious Vargas Jr

Loke G and Fernando “Feroz” Vargas Sr

Coach Sal Poe with Loke G

The Vargas Dynasty put in work in the Rio Grande Valley as they remain undefeated and continue to climb the ranks. Loke G of AKM Publishing to witness.

We fight smart, fight intelligent, pick our shots, be very smart about how we place our feet. That’s how we win.”

— Mikey Garcia

HOUSTON, TX, UNITED STATES, September 3, 2023/ — August 25th, 2023, in Edinburg, TX, the spirit of competition was crazy at The Boxfest, but the spotlight truly shone on two of the three Vargas boys who took center stage for the main event and undercard. In a night that echoed with the roar of both cheering, and booing crowd, the duo asserted their dominance, continuing their undefeated streak in the Rio Grande Valley.

As the punches landed and the crowd erupted, Loke G, General Manager at AKM Publishing, was front and center to witness history in the making. It was not just the victories that drew attention, but the fashion of which the victories occurred. Also in the crowd, was young superstar of the Enky-Boys, Brice da Dice, to witness the immense energy erupting from the spectacle. With the crack of the leather punches and the shouts of the fighters echoing the arena, emotions ran wild as the fans cheered for their favorites and others booed for their rivals.

“It’s all about intelligence,” Emiliano “El General” Vargas said, backstage when asked if he had any advice for his older brothers that would be fighting in mere moments. “You’ve got to apply what you’ve learned in training camp, day in and day out. That’s the real secret.” Both Fernando “Ferocious” Vargas Jr and middle brother Amado “El Malvado” Vargas demonstrated tremendous discipline as they both applied strategy and real work in the ring later that night.

With the adrenaline of Boxfest still coursing through his veins, Emiliano is already looking to the future. A fight in Corpus Christi, presented by TopRank, is on the horizon. And if his brothers’ performance at Boxfest is any indicator, Corpus Christi is in for a treat. While many boxers tend to celebrate between big fights, Emiliano is maintaining his fighting shape year-round, always ready for the next challenge. When Fernando “Feroz” Vargas Sr. was asked for a quote, he humbly thanked all the supporters and demonstrated appreciation for the sport and all of its fans around the world.

Boasting an audience of boxing enthusiasts and several noteworthy names, the event was graced by legendary boxers including five-time world champ Mikey Garcia, two-time world champion Josesito Lopez, and 956’s very own world champ, Brandon Lee Figueroa. Their presence, alongside the rising stars, elevated the energy of the arena, reminding everyone of the rich legacy and bright future of the sport. At some point in the event, the ring ropes were damaged and had to be repaired. This created an unplanned intermission which provided a great opportunity for these legendary guests to speak directly to the attendees and a great moment of improvisation was created. These moments in time are the reason why attending live events is so much more rewarding than any other way of consuming this type of entertainment.

Adding to the crazy atmosphere, Coach Sal Poe worked tirelessly backstage. His expertise was evident as he worked in tandem with Team Vargas and Marvnation, ensuring every detail was handled, and every fighter was primed for their moment in the ring. Capturing many moments of greatness and using his talented eye to spot the perfect opportunity for content and creativity.

While the Vargas boys were the talk of the night, other fighters also left an indelible mark. Bocanegra gave a masterclass in quick finishes, knocking out Yanez in just 26 seconds of the first round. Angel “El Moreno” Rodriguez wasn’t far behind, securing a knockout win against Armas. When asked for a quote he simply thanked the Rio Grande Valley for the support. And the future of boxing from Pico Rivera, looks promising as 17-year-old Nathan El Morenito Rodriguez marked a victory against Jonas Castillo.

Boxfest was not just an evening of entertainment; it was a testament to hard work, dedication, and the relentless pursuit of greatness. The Vargas boys, along with every fighter who stepped into the ring, demonstrated that the spirit of boxing in the Rio Grande Valley is alive, thriving, and undoubtedly, unstoppable. History is being made as all Vargas Brothers continue to dominate, and their undefeated records continue.

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