Vampire Penance Announces “Get Discovered” Acting Contest

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Polestar Pictures announces the “Get Discovered” Acting Contest, offering aspiring actors a chance to star in its upcoming vampire trilogy.

The “Get Discovered” contest is more than a casting call; it’s a worldwide search for undiscovered talent and a testament to Polestar Pictures’ innovative spirit.”

— Joe Sabatino

SHARPSVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, December 19, 2023 / — Polestar Pictures, renowned for its innovative approach to filmmaking, announces the exciting “Get Discovered” Acting Contest, offering aspiring actors a chance to star in its upcoming vampire trilogy. According to Joe Sabatino, a collaborator with the executive team at Polestar Pictures, “This groundbreaking contest is set to redefine the casting process, making it more inclusive and interactive.” Mr. Sabatino was the executive producer of the Golden Globe-nominated series, “Necessary Roughness,” which played for three years on the USA Television Network.

The “Get Discovered” contest is a unique opportunity for young talent to showcase their skills and potentially land a role in a major film. Sign-ups for the audition contest will conclude on January 30, 2024, urging interested actors to act swiftly. “The most exhilarating part of the process begins in February 2024, when public voting starts,” according to John Reign, the award-winning director of “Vampire Penance: The Atonement of John Wolf,” the first release of this trilogy.

Executive Producer Mark Weis explained, “This interactive phase allows audiences to have a direct impact on the casting, with the actor receiving the most votes in each of the six roles being cast, securing their spot in the film.” Mr. Weis explained that the new film has roles for both adults and young actors.

According to Joe DiDonato, another Executive Producer for the trilogy, “We’re making these virtual auditions completely free for the actors, which emphasizes our company’s commitment to accessibility and equal opportunity in the entertainment industry.” The company said that this contest is not just about finding the right talent for the film; it’s about discovering new voices and giving a platform to those who may have previously been overlooked in the traditional casting process.

Joe Sabatino said, “The “Get Discovered” contest is more than a casting call; it’s a worldwide search for undiscovered talent and a testament to Polestar Pictures’ innovative spirit.” With the public’s participation in the voting process, Joe Sabatino summed up the process by saying, “This contest is set to be a thrilling journey for both the actors and the audience.”

For more information on how to participate in the “Get Discovered” Acting Contest, as well as win your choice of a part in the Vampire Penance Movie or the free Family Adventure raffle that will allow families to watch the filmmaking process on the set, please visit Polestar Pictures’ prelaunch page at–2806754/coming_soon/x/29090579.

Actors wishing to download audition scripts are directed to The deadline for submission is January 30, 2024 at midnight Pacific Time. To view a concept reel, go to

The company said that when it formally launches its Indiegogo campaign in February, it will also offer romantic weekend getaways for couples on set, additional family adventures that allow them behind the scenes on set, and even corporate team builders, which will allow companies to participate in the collaboration it takes to make a major motion picture come together. From make-up and wardrobe to special and practical effects and camera work, companies can even film their own version of the scene in a special break-out filming session.

About Polestar Pictures

Polestar Pictures stands at the forefront of cinematic innovation, blending compelling storytelling with immersive audience experiences. With a commitment to excellence and led by award-winning film director John Reign and industry veterans like Joe DiDonato, Mark Weis, and consultant Joe Sabatino, Polestar Pictures is dedicated to creating not just films but cultural phenomena. The upcoming vampire trilogy is a testament to their vision and creativity, promising to be a landmark series in the genre. For more information, visit

About The Vampire Penance Trilogy

Vampire Penance Concept Reel:

“Vampire Penance: The Atonement of John Wolf” opens with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and jumps to 1985 Sharon, PA, USA.

A 10-year-old girl wakes to a nightmare, her room invaded by unseen forces. Meanwhile, Killian, a Scottish vampire hunter, searches for vampire havens. He meets Ivory, a captivating vampire, in a bar that soon turns into a vampire slaughterhouse.

Killian’s confrontation leads to the bar’s destruction. Under Nile, an ancient vampire’s descendant, the surviving vampires plot human dominion.

Tormented by his past, John Wolf meets Ivory, entering a world where reality and the supernatural merge, uncovering dark secrets.

Talent Notes: This is for “Copy, Credit, Meals, Lodging.” There will also be a “set-aside” from the film’s proceeds for cast and crew.

The final actor selection will be based on community voting. Individuals and children submitting must sign consent forms in the audition package.

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