Transformative Visionary Unveiled:  Franck Mille at the Helm of BVFW x NYFW 2024

A message from BVFW CEO and Creative Director Franck Mille

NEW YORK, NY, USA, February 14, 2024 / — Bovtiqve Fashion Week (BVFW) is thrilled to spotlight Franck Mille, the visionary CEO and Creative Director, who stands at the helm of BVFW x NYFW 2024. Mille’s dedication to reshaping the fashion narrative and championing inclusivity is set to define an unparalleled three-day fashion extravaganza in the heart of New York City.

Franck Mille, a veteran in the fashion industry, brings a wealth of experience and a unique creative vision to BVFW. As both CEO and Creative Director, Mille is not only a leader in the boardroom but also a hands-on force behind the scenes, meticulously curating each aspect of the BVFW experience. His commitment to diversity and individual expression permeates every decision, from selecting emerging designers to crafting a runway that transcends traditional boundaries.

Full Schedule Unveiled for BVFW x NYFW 2024

BVFW x NYFW 2024 promises three days of fashion, entertainment, and networking, featuring a lineup that showcases the rich tapestry of talent within the industry. The full schedule for BVFW x NYFW 2024 unveils a carefully orchestrated series of events, each designed to immerse attendees in the richness of fashion and celebrate the mosaic of talent within the industry.

February 15th: Opening Night Dinner and “iCan Panel” at Negril Village NYC

Intimate Opening Night Dinner at Negril Village NYC. The event sets the stage for the fashion spectacle ahead, providing a unique opportunity for influencers, designers, and attendees to mingle in an exclusive setting. Following the dinner, an engaging “iCan Panel” will feature insights from fashion designers, thought leaders, and community influencers, amplifying BVFW’s commitment to fostering dialogue and collaboration within the industry.

February 16th: The Shows at Energi at Union Square

The main event, “The Shows,” takes center stage at Energi at Union Square. Franck Mille’s creative prowess will be on full display as BVFW unveils a lineup of emerging designers, a diverse array of models, and the high-energy beats of DJ Fresh. Mille’s behind-the-scenes influence will ensure that each step down the runway is a celebration of diversity and a testament to the power of individual expression.

February 17th: BVFW Lanes – Editorial and Entertainment Experience

Closing out the fashion extravaganza is BVFW Lanes – an Editorial and Entertainment Experience. This unique event merges the worlds of bowling, photography, and networking, providing a space for creativity and camaraderie. Franck Mille’s commitment to innovation and inclusivity shines through as BVFW Lanes offers attendees a chance to engage with fashion in a dynamic and interactive setting.

Mille adds, “I am honored to lead BVFW x NYFW 2024, where creativity, diversity, and style converge to redefine the fashion landscape. Our schedule reflects our commitment to inclusivity, innovation, and a celebration of individual expression. Get ready for an unparalleled fashion journey!”

BVFW x NYFW 2024 is not merely a fashion event; it is a testament to Franck Mille’s unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity and redefining the fashion landscape.


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