“The Truth About Reading” Wins Gold at the Telly Awards

The Truth About Reading Presented By Abundance Studios®

Award-Winning Documentary Sheds Light on America’s Illiteracy Crisis and Paths to Proficiency

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, June 4, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Abundance Studios® in association with DNA Films announced today its documentary film “The Truth About Reading” has been awarded a Gold Telly Award in the category of Non-Broadcast, Long-form Documentary (Above 40 Minutes). The film explores the pressing issue of illiteracy in America, spotlighting individuals who learned to read as adults and sharing innovative solutions aimed at ensuring every child learns to read proficiently.

Directed by Emmy® award-winning filmmaker Nick Nanton, “The Truth About Reading” offers a compelling narrative that highlights personal stories of overcoming illiteracy and examines the systemic challenges and potential remedies for one of the nation’s most critical educational issues.

“We are deeply honored to receive this award,” said John Corcoran, founder of the John Corcoran Foundation. “Illiteracy is a silent crisis affecting millions of Americans, and this film brings much-needed attention to the issue. Our hope is that this film serves as a catalyst for change and inspires action to help ensure that every individual has the opportunity to achieve literacy. That’s why we’ve launched the Million Viewer Campaign to help reach as many people as possible with the goal of 1 million viewers.”

Director Nick Nanton also expressed his excitement about the award: “Creating ‘The Truth About Reading’ was a profound experience. The stories of those who struggled and ultimately succeeded in learning to read as adults are incredibly moving and inspiring. This award is a testament to their courage and the importance of addressing illiteracy. I’m grateful to our dedicated team, the John Corcoran Foundation, and the funding producers of Abundance Studios for making this film possible.”

The film was made possible thanks to the committed efforts of the John Corcoran Foundation and the funding of Abundance Studios’ Executive Producers (Dr. Wayne Pernell, Peter D’Arruda, Chuck McDowell, Lee Richter, Didi Wong, Chris Wiser, Jennifer Perri, Dr. Teri Rouse, Kevin Hodes, Perminder Chohan, Richard Tyler, Frank Astorino, Tony J. Selimi, Doug and Chris Parks, Scott and Colleen Schweickert) and Producers (Craig Lack, Julie Meates, Mega R. Mease, Robert Ryerson, Daniel Mangena, Michael Reza) whose vision and support were instrumental in bringing this project to fruition.

About John Corcoran and the John Corcoran Foundation

John Corcoran is the founder of the John Corcoran Foundation, an organization dedicated to promoting literacy and providing resources and support to those struggling with illiteracy. Corcoran’s personal journey from illiteracy to advocacy has inspired many and fueled his mission to create a future where every person can read proficiently. To learn more about their Million Viewer Campaign, please visit https://www.johncorcoranfoundation.org/million.

About Abundance Studios®

Abundance Studios® is a cause-based studio committed to raising awareness around critical issues the society is facing as well as sharing the stories of the most inspiring people in the world. With a commitment to excellence in storytelling and cinematic quality, the studio strives to inform, inspire, and drive positive change through its films.

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