The President of Dreamlike Pictures has released three concise films

The President of Dreamlike Pictures has released three concise films to help bridge the gap
between the marketing industry and all the current media giants.

BURLINGTON, VT, UNITED STATES, January 5, 2024 / — Arthur Bell, President of dreamlike Pictures has released three very short films to help bridge the gap
between the marketing industry all the current media giants Simon Sinek, Gary Vaynerchuk and Seth
Godin and many, many others have created and perpetrated for the last twenty years.

“I have stood on the shoulders of these giants, buying all their books, studying from them, learning

from them as I grew and sharpened our own companies marketing expertise.

In these years what I have learned is marketing, your brand and how and why to tell a story are not

magic potions. There are no secrets. It’s consistent common sense, simple clearly thought-through

practices. The ’work’ is in the execution, and no book, seminar or webinar will get it done for you.”

In other words, I feel these giants of the marketing industry have perpetrated their OWN industry. Overcomplicated the process, turned it into some sort of ‘magic potion’ and made all of us mere mortal

marketers feel we are constantly ill-equipped and not us to the task.

Bell wants all companies – big and small and all marketers to not look at their work as Herculean but

just a lot of work executed every single day. Forever.

Do the work =every day. Authentically. Passionately and humbly every single day.

I made these three two-minute films to give us all the power to get the story right build our brands and

to proudly tell the world in great simple stories why all our companies exist and why our audience

should care.

Bells films will be released on the company website in early January.

– PART 1: Marketing is what you do

– PART 2: Your story is how we relate to what you do

– PART 3: Your brand is the result of your marketing and your storytelling you leave your audience with.

Arthur Bell is the founder of Dreamlike Pictures.

Six weeks out of college, his first start-up ALIAS RESEARCH went public. His second – with co-founder

Oprah Winfrey – sold to NBC for 900 million.

The company is a specialized, marketing agency. With over one hundred successful marketing, start-up

and fundraising campaigns under, with clients from Harley Davidson to IBM, Vestas to ESPN, Burton to

Ben & Jerry’s.

The company’s motto is “Our moving stories create change”.

They are born out of the staff’s unique expertise in marketing, cinematography, technical 3D animation

and virtual production.

The company has helped to build new hospitals,

Launched over twenty new products.

Raise millions for start-ups.

Help to change government policy & laws.

Build better communities.

Launch books on Amazon

Fundraisers: $100 Million so far.

Arthur Bell
Dreamlike Pictures
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