The Story of Jesus as Never Before Experienced, and More Than 300 Priceless Artifacts from the time of Jesus to be Displayed in America for The First Time Ever

This extraordinary exhibition is the most dynamic and inspiring exposition of Jesus’ life ever presented.”

— Executive Producer, Robert Bagdassarov of Alpine Artists

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, October 6, 2023 / — Imagine being immersed in the sights and sounds of the time of Jesus. Now, through cutting-edge technology, it’s possible to travel back 2,000 years to the Holy Lands of Israel and Galilee at THE NAZARENE – The Way, The Truth, and The Life. This extraordinary immersive experience showcases the life of Jesus through powerful portrayals of the most significant events of His life. Stand in the place of the apostles, look over the shoulder of Jesus, and witness the miracles and betrayals of the greatest story of mankind as they unfold in the New Testament. Opening October 6 in Dallas, the multisensory, narrated journey will span four galleries and 19 scenes with panoramic sound, custom composed music and breathtaking 3D sets.

THE NAZARENE is a never to be forgotten experience that will immerse visitors in the magnitude of the word of God, offering a glimpse into the life, culture and traditions of people who lived in the Holy Land at the time of Jesus – the people who knew Him and followed Him. The impactful and inspiring story of Jesus’ life is told through powerful portrayals of His life from the nativity and His baptism to His ascension. Tickets are selling out quickly and available now at

“We are very excited that the world premiere of the THE NAZARENE will be in Dallas, which is known to be a strong supporter of cultural arts. We believe this groundbreaking exhibition will appeal to the city’s large and diverse population, including Christians,” says Executive Producer, Robert Bagdassarov of Alpine Artists, the company in charge of the production. “Through the use of 21st century storytelling and innovative technology, THE NAZARENE is a first of its kind exhibition that will deeply resonate with audiences as it allows them to travel back in time to experience the life of Jesus. This extraordinary exhibition is the most dynamic and inspiring exposition of Jesus’ life ever presented, created to unify visitors around the principles of Christianity while conveying His message with a modern experience.”

THE NAZARENE is proud to present The Golan Collection, the world’s most important collection of ancient artifacts from the land and time of Jesus. “DISCOVERING JESUS: The James Ossuary & Ancient Artifacts from the Holy Land,” showcases first century artifacts discovered within the Holy Land where Jesus, His family, His disciples and His followers lived, traversed and taught. These rare archeological findings bring to life the stories of the New Testament and offer a historical and visual context to faith.

Curated by Oded Golan, a life-long Israeli antiquities collector, DISCOVERING JESUS artifacts are displayed with historical and biblical context and guests will see items such as nails like those used in crucifixions, fishing gear recovered from the Sea of Galilee and everyday items that Jesus and His followers would have used. The centerpiece of the collection is The James Ossuary, a first century limestone bone box with intact etchings that read “James, Son of Joseph, Brother of Jesus”. It has been authenticated by archeologists and scientists as being that of James, the brother of Jesus, who was also the first bishop of Jerusalem.

In addition, guests will experience the Ossuary of Zechariah, the priest and father of John the Baptist.

THE NAZARENE transcends the way Jesus’ story has ever been shared combining past and present, modern and ancient, and, faith and science.

Tickets for THE NAZARENE are $39.50 for adults and $34.50 for groups of 12 or more, active military and children (children 4 and under are free). THE NAZARENE and the DISCOVERING JESUS artifact exhibit are available via a combination ticket for $69 (adults) and $65 (groups of 12 or more, active military and children). The duration of THE NAZARENE is one hour and DISCOVERING JESUS extends your experience by a minimum of 45 minutes.

While families with younger children are welcome, THE NAZARENE contains scenes, such as the crucifixion, that some younger audiences may find disturbing. Parental guidance is strongly recommended.

WHEN: October 6, 2023 – January 7, 2024

Hours are 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.; last ticket entry is 8:00p.m.

WHERE: 10110 Technology Blvd. East (off Stemmons Freeway), Dallas, TX 75220. Located near the LOOK Cinemas.


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