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Pro Performance Motion Capture Gloves Starting at $795

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, October 3, 2023 / — StretchSense, an innovator of motion capture technology and wearable sensing technology, announces the immediate shipping of their new Studio line of motion capture gloves. Designed specifically for the animation and streaming communities, the Studio Line gloves offer a unique combination of durability, performance, and affordability.

The new gloves incorporate StretchSense’s cutting-edge stretch sensor technology, delivering outstanding performance and comfort in even the most demanding motion capture settings. They also feature superior occlusion-free multi-performer capture capabilities, ensuring uninterrupted data collection, even when multiple performers are on set.

“Professional motion capture has long remained beyond the grasp of independent creators due to its high cost and the cumbersome nature of existing gloves on the market. We are dismantling these barriers to creativity by offering incredibly unobtrusive and high-performing gloves at an affordable price.” – Ben O’Brien, CEO of StretchSense

The StretchSense Studio Glove line includes:

Studio Glove ($795): The Studio Glove delivers premium performance at a friendly price with integrations into Unreal and Unity and includes time code, making it the perfect choice for both live streaming and content creation. The Studio Glove captures lifelike movements that can bring your virtual avatar to life.

Pro Studio Glove ($2,745): Upgrade to Pro to integrate seamlessly into professional animation pipelines including OptiTrack Motive, Xsens MVN Animate, Vicon Shogun Post, Motion Builder, Maya, Unreal and Unity. The Pro Studio also comes with an enhanced performer management toolset.

The Studio Glove line was designed for all-day use during action-filled shoots. As well as an expedited, marker-free setup, Studio Gloves maintains a steadfast wireless connection within a 50ft range, facilitating uninterrupted connectivity for motion capture sessions. In addition, all StretchSense Motion Capture gloves are washable, ensuring easy care and maintenance.

The StretchSense Studio line of motion capture gloves are globally available and can be ordered at: Buy Now

StretchSense is a leader in motion capture technology and wearable sensing technology, empowering individuals to unlock boundless creativity. The company’s innovative motion capture solutions are used by professionals and enthusiasts alike to create high-quality content in the animation, gaming, streaming and metaverse industries. With a commitment to superior quality and durability, StretchSense is pushing the boundaries of creative expression to unprecedented heights. For more information, please visit

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