Steve Harvill, Founder of Creative Ventures and Best-Selling Author, Reveals His “Top 10, Bottom 5” Movie Picks for 2023

Steve Harvill

It’s a cinematic countdown as Steve Harvill gives his sincere, witty, and precise opinion of the hottest and not-so-hot movies in 2023.

LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, January 16, 2024 / — Steve Harvill, Founder of Creative Ventures and best-selling author, unveils his favorite and least favorite movie picks and streaming shows of 2023. Harvill’s highly anticipated movie list is a must-read for movie lovers and those trying to catch up on 2023’s Blockbuster year. An avid movie fan, Harvill has not missed a weekend at the movies in over 50 years. Catch his annual 2023 movie list to be released in late January 2024.

“All life’s secrets are found in movies and music. Going to the movies is a ritual rooted in a magical experience. The smell of popcorn and an icy Dr Pepper makes the imagination salivate like Pavlov’s dogs. Where else would you sit in the dark with strangers, sharing laughter and tears, leaping out of your seat when startled, and gaping with eyes filled with wonder? Only at the movies,” states Harvill.

Harvill has never attended film school and is not a film critic. However, he has shared his favorite movie list with his newsletter readers and fellow enthusiasts for decades. A devoted moviegoer, he has maintained a tradition of attending movies almost every Saturday since the age of nine. For the past four decades, this cinematic ritual has been a cherished weekend date shared with his wife.

“I often emphasize that I didn’t attend film school; I’m simply a passionate fan. There’s a quote from Quentin Tarantino that resonates with me: “Did I go to film school – no – I went to films,” Harvill explains.

Harvill’s exclusive “Top 10 and Bottom 5” movie list is available by request only. Interested individuals can send a request to [email protected] or through his website to obtain a copy. Last year, over 3,000 copies were requested. Harvill mentions that it all began with a simple request to list his favorite movies in 2001. Over time, this evolved into one of Stephen’s major stage presentations, “Why We Love The Movies.”

Steve Harvill brings over 30 years of expertise sharing innovative concepts and strategies with various companies. From Fortune 500 corporations to burgeoning startups, Steve and his Creative Ventures team have crafted programs that transcend industry boundaries, challenging the conventional norms. Boasting an impressive client roster including Apple, Zappos, IBM, Frito Lay, Morgan Stanley, and Wells Fargo, Steve’s resume serves as a testament to the tangible value he consistently delivers to each project.

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