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New yacht configuration in 3D format fulfilling the SOLAS requirements with new hull form type

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Becoming a truly Global Brand: Call for Investors

Returns matter a lot. It’s our capital.”

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STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, May 5, 2023/ — Investors are invited to participate with investments directly in Senise Brand, or in the commercialization of a particular business segment through a new company specifically incorporated for the purpose.

As a brief introduction, Senise branding was established by the astounding capacity of its founder Renato Vincent Senise, a businessman who successfully developed business ideas today for the markets of tomorrow. Senise branding was established as well as to convey the Senise family and the investors’ interests. All segments in the Senise branding are committed to continuous innovative creativity. An essential feature of the Senise companies is the ability for potential investors to capitalize on the shares according to the Senise structure.

Senise Maritime has now launched the Residential Ship (SRS), a planned residential ocean Project, comprising a condominium of 150 residences. Senise Residential Ship has a sustainable vision concept. The desire to construct one of the most technically advanced vessels in the industry, that will push the outer limits in terms of technical innovation and emissions standards. A vessel designed to meet the strictest environmental regulations both at delivery and for the future. The vessel will be powered by state-of-the-art dual-fuel engines, with tank capacity for MGO and LNG, batteries for hybridization, heat recovery systems, and advanced power management systems. Each Resident with an endless thirst for knowledge, adventure, and of course, travel. Residents will share in a deep appreciation and respect for the environment that sustains SRS’s incredible lifestyle.

A Waterfront Marina Hydroponic Gardens will feature reusable energy technologies and energy storage and recovery systems. SRS will also feature amenities with a great architecture plan including an art studio, boutiques, hydroponic gardens, and more. To materialize the unique Senise Residential Ship Concept, the partnership with Deltamarin involves the proficiency to further advance the SRS project. Among the absolute world top companies in the ship design, offshore engineering or construction field of expertise, Deltamarin has the technical adaptability to fully advance the original conceptual Senise Residential Ship sustainable concept.

Senise Brand has also launched an entirely new concept of luxury motor yachts, based on an outline design conceived by Renato Vincent Senise. The vessels in the planning are: a smaller Luxury Yacht of 30,5 meters to up 55 meters, Super Yachts of 65 – 80 meters and Mega Yachts of 116 – 143 meters to 155 meters. To expand and materialize the unique Senise Yacht Concept, care has been taken to involve again Deltamarin as a partner with the necessary proficiency to further advance the 116 m Luxury Corporation Yacht.


The Senise Air Luxury Entertainment Airliner Project is another fantastic project that will be launched, the concept and design are customized to the flight industry. The project encompasses two versions. The commercial version with a first-class service section including amenities such as a spa and valet services to ensure that the business traveler arrives at the destination fully relaxed and rested. The other adaptation will offer luxurious onboard entertainment in an environment catering to the customer travelling to prime casino destinations around the world – the essential aspect with the plane is the flights will take clients to Atlantic city, Macau, Hongkong, Las Vegas, Dubai, or other entertainment destinations.

Furthermore, Senise brand construction business is working on the Senise Tower Project Design. The Senise Tower team comprises outstanding Architecture work from Italy and Sweden engineering-companies. The Senise Tower is designed as two structures in one. An outer shell is placed over an inner body. The shell is made of an airy transparent fabric. To produce a desired inner irregularity the body is carved with asymmetrical terraces and twisted every ten floors. This gives the principally oval shaped tower a different appearance at every floor and from every viewpoint. There is a dramatic change in appearance between daytime, when the outer body’s soft lines are reflecting light; and at night, when the look is angular with the illuminated inner body showing. The appearance of the Senise Tower will also change drastically with every infinitesimal change in weather. The distinct form and construction technique helps to reduce energy consumption and thereby the carbon footprint, with favourable contributions towards environmental sustainability.

Senise Brand is open to the participation of Investors. Investors are invited to participate in the Senise brand, that has formed strategic alliances with companies that are all prominent in their field of business.

Recently, Renato Vincent Senise, the Founder of Senise Brand, talks in the Daily Business News about the evolution of the brand through the years, emphasizing the new projects ”I intend to channel even more effort into global expansion going forward”. The plan to accelerate online store openings, targeting global markets.

You are welcome to visit Renato Vincent Senise LinkedIn page to appreciate the published Vincent Senise Family History (forthcoming book, documentary, and movie on my biography).

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