Pop Wave Duo Neon Sines Uses SoundBetter to Collaborate Internationally For Sophomore LP “The Neon Tape”

Pop Wave Duo Neon Sines

Feel Stupid by Neon Sines

Feel Stupid by Neon Sines

Xscape by Neon Sines

Xscape by Neon Sines

Pop Wave Duo Neon Sines have released the first track “Feel Stupid” of its album “The Neon Tape;” use of www.Soundbetter.com allowed creative collaboration.

‘SoundBetter’ was clutch for us to find different voices and sounds to make this project [possible]…it inspired the concept…a mixtape of tracks that we enjoyed.”

— Evan Murphy of Neon Sines

NORWALK , CT, USA, April 1, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Neon Sines, the dynamic Pop Wave duo composed of songwriter/composer Evan Murphy (Similar Kind) and producer/songwriter Kenny Cash (Goose, Aurora, Factory Underground), is set to release its sophomore album, “The Neon Tape,” with successive singles in 2024.

After landing multiple television sync placements throughout 2023 and the release of their debut Ep, “Never More Alive,” Neon Sines continues to push the boundaries of the Pop Wave genre with “The Neon Tape.” This ambitious project promises to captivate audiences with its eclectic mix of sounds and thought-provoking themes.

The first single from the project, “Feel Stupid,” is a stoner’s anthem that uses live upright bass and boom bap breaks to tell comical short stories of what a night of hallucinogens can lead to. The song features collaborations from local Connecticut artists Grizzy the Great and H.G.O.D. The production gives an energetic, yet hypnotic feel with throws to vintage hip hop such as J dilla and The Pharcyde.

Following “Feel Stupid,” Neon Sines will release “Xscape,” the second release from the album, featuring the ethereal vocals of European Electropop artist Ariana Celeano. With its dark and ominous introduction, “Xscape” delves into the shadowy realm of addiction, exploring the tension between the desire for euphoria and the harsh reality of dependency.

Evan Murphy and Kenny Cash, the masterminds behind Neon Sines, are not only accomplished musicians but also dedicated fathers and business owners. Finding time to collaborate with other artists amidst their busy schedules presented a challenge, which they overcame by turning to the online platform www.SoundBetter.com

“SoundBetter was clutch for us to find different voices and sounds to make this project,” says Murphy. “In a way, it inspired the concept of the whole thing—a mixtape of tracks that we enjoyed.”

Unexpectedly, Murphy and Cash stumbled upon some of their musical idols on Soundbetter as well: “one day I was searching the site for a guitar player and I came across Neil Taylor (guitarist from Tears for Fears). “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” has one of my favorite guitar solos in it so I was super excited when he was happy to work a track from the project (“More Than Friends”),” said Cash This track, featuring Chloe Kay on vocals, highlights the diverse range of collaborators featured throughout “The Neon Tape.”

From Jordan Perlson of Snarky Puppy to rapper Ramaj Eroc and turntablist DJ Rest, “The Neon Tape” boasts a lineup of internationally acclaimed musicians and songwriters, each bringing their unique flair to the project.

“This album has been a departure from our previous EP, ‘Never More Alive,’ which stayed firmly in the New Wave, Retro Wave lane,” said. Murphy. “With ‘The Neon Tape,’ we’ve embraced a more freeform approach, adding a touch of improvisation to our creative process.”

Neon Sines invites fans old and new to join them on this musical journey as they explore new sounds, collaborate with diverse talents, and push the boundaries of the Pop Wave genre with “The Neon Tape.”

Stream Neon Sines “Feel Stupid” on Apple Music and Spotify, and listen for “Xscape” on April 26, 2024.

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