Pakistani Film Industry Reaches Global Digital Platforms with the Release of 2022 Hit Film “Carma”

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Roped in for digital release distribution by Porter + Craig Film and Media, 2022 hit Lollywood crime thriller “Carma” will soon be available on OTT platforms.

We are truly grateful to Porter + Craig Film and Media for picking up our film, and it is a breath of fresh air for the Lollywood industry that our films are going global.”

— Kashan Admani

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 20, 2023/ — The 2022 hit Lollywood feature film “Carma” is all set for digital release. In an announcement by the distributor, Porter + Craig Film and Media, the film will soon be available on all leading OTT platforms. The new-age crime thriller genre movie is set in the metropolitan city of Pakistan, Karachi, and has also partly been shot in London, United Kingdom.

The main plot revolves around what, at first glance, appears to be a typical kidnapping in a city with a reputation for high crime rates and a palpable sense of terror among its residents. Abduction by a gang of three men goes on to reveal a shocking tale of deceit, revenge, and payback. With nonlinear storytelling, each scene is linked to the past, and the suspense thrill grows until the film’s end, keeping viewers asking for more twists and turns. As the investigation and interrogation authorities dive to rescue Hamza, will he come alive and well, or will the vengeance get bloodier?

The film stars Osama Tahir and Adnan Siddiqui, who has worked in Lollywood, Hollywood, and Bollywood for over a few decades; the veteran is best known for his role in the Indian film “Mom.” where he worked alongside Sri Devi and the Pakistani war crime thriller film “Yalghaar.” Naveen Waqar from the globally renowned Pakistani drama “Humsafar,” now available on Netflix, the famous Pakistani model/actress Zhalay Sarhadi, the British singer/actress Lili Caseley, Pakistani theater actors Paras Masroor and Umer Aalam are also seen in pivotal roles. With the best talent currently present in the entertainment industry, which is in its revival phase, the film gives viewers a reminiscence of “Gone Girl” and “Reservoir Dogs”, making it an ideal entry to the global OTT platforms.

“Life is fast-paced in Karachi, with a population boom and people migrating from all parts of the country; the crime rate has always been high; and the metropolitan city has mostly been at the receiving end of political instability. Fawad and I discussed how to elevate this mundane tale of life in Karachi into something worthy of telling to the audience, and that’s how Carma was created. We are truly grateful to Porter + Craig Film and Media for picking up our film, and it is a breath of fresh air for the Lollywood industry that our films are going global.” ~ Kashan Admani

Directed and co-produced by the popular music and video producer Kashan Admani, the film, drawing from the likes of the work of iconic director Quentin Tarantino, seamlessly translates a gripping screenplay into a riveting audio-visual storytelling experience that is sure to captivate audiences. Carma is a must-watch for anyone who appreciates the art of storytelling and the power of music and film. Painstakingly inch-perfect shooting and editing of scenes and international standard music by Kashan Admani qualify this film as a product for a massive cinema audience worldwide. Fawad Hai served as the co-producer and writer of the film.

“Carma” stands out in its bold, unapologetic, and progressive approach to touching on sensitive topics that are otherwise not spoken of in public in conservative societies, the film tackles it all while maintaining an enthralling revenge thrill.

For more details and information, please head over to Carma (2022) on IMDb. Stream ” Carma” on VUDU or Spectrum today.

Carma is a 2022 popular crime thriller film starring Osama Tahir and Adnan Siddiqui in leading roles. The Pakistani movie made it to global OTT platforms courtesy of the emerging distributor for independent films, Porter + Craig Film and Media.

Porter + Craig is one of the newest and most exciting partnership ventures in independent film and TV sales (based primarily in Beverly Hills with connections in Washington, DC, and Atlanta), with two youthful but experienced industry veterans joining forces to take digital development to the next level.

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