On Tuesday, January 9th, Patrick Girondi Releases his 5th Book in 20 Months

Chivalry by Patrick Girondi; Cover art by Megan Euker

back cover of book Chivalry

Chivalry by Patrick Girondi; Back cover art by Megan Euker; Design by Apoth Creative

Painting of Abby, character in Chivalry, by Megan Euker

Girondi’s quest is a gift to the world”

— Stan Smith, PhD

TAMPA, FL, UNITED STATES, January 8, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Author Patrick Girondi’s latest book “Chivalry” is a suspenseful saga which traces the lives of U.S. army veterans from the tragic and deadly battlegrounds of Iraq to their return to the streets of Manhattan. Girondi does a masterful job chronicling the profound mindset and life of the protagonist, a U.S. sergeant named Isa. Isa returns incognito and homeless to the streets of New York.

Having battled the horrors of war, including inevitable human mistakes, compounded by the woefully politicized courts, Isa is wanted for a murder of a fellow veteran who was shot dead in Iraq. Four of Isa’s fellow returnees are now N.Y. police officers who moonlight to support Isa’s safety. His former troopers were facing a war crime charge – the deaths of unarmed Iraqi women civilians. They have a vested interest in keeping Isa’s identity a secret.

Isa, homeless and nameless, writes a manuscript or two. In this labyrinthine story, many chance encounters happen, and many lives become shockingly connected and intertwined. Isa accidentally leaves a manuscript on a bus. It ends up in the hands of struggling writer, Bob Herman. Mark Koss is the ruthless owner of the publishing company where Bob works. Koss was also in the Gulf War, but unknown to Isa’s platoon. Isa’s lost manuscript leads to Bob’s plagiarism and to him being a household name — famous author Bob Herman.

Driven by greed, Koss and his publishing company employ a cast of characters which excitingly collide with Isa and his platoon. Koss wants more books. Adding to this thriller, Isa had a pre-war romance that resulted in a daughter, Lucia. Lucia was given up for adoption at birth. In this never-ending nail-biter, Lucia re-enters, becoming involved with Bob Herman right before he strikes it big.

Chivalry is the epitome of a page-turner. Girondi also brilliantly submits what has been a growing, and now, long time coming, public view on war, “corruptorations,” and war-profiteers.

This book includes both a novel and the screenplay. That is rare for an author but Patrick Girondi accomplished the same with his releases of “Faded Genes” and “Blind Faith.” This work gives the reader a sense of what the film will look like before it’s produced.

Girondi’s memoir book “Flight of the Rondone: High School Dropout VS Big Pharma – The Fight to Save My Son’s Life” is a Wall Street Journal #1 Bestseller from 2022. “Rondone” is also available in Italian. In February, 2023, “New City: A Story about Race-Baiting and Hope on the South Side of Chicago” was published. In October, 2023, “Faded Genes: Searching for a Cure and Finding Home in Altamura, Italy,” was released. Girondi is working with producers P.G. Cuschieri and Craig Cohen on a “Faded Genes” movie deal. In November 2023, “Blind Faith” was released.

All of Girondi’s books are published by Skyhorse Publishing and distributed by Simon and Schuster.

The cover art and 16 original paintings inside “Chivalry” were done by renowned artist, Megan Euker.

“Chivalry” is available from Skyhorse Publishing, Amazon or other top retailers.

Patrick Girondi, originally from the South Side of Chicago, is an Italian and American singer-songwriter, and founder of San Rocco Therapeutics, a gene therapy company focused on bringing a safe and accessible cure to Sickle Cell Disease and Thalassemia patients.

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Trailer for Chivalry – Book by Patrick Girondi; video by Megan Euker

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