“ON A QUEST WITH JASWANT” EXPLORING PORTUGAL won at the 8th International Tourism Film Festival


Host/Director_Jaswant, Festival President_Can Saraçoğlu and Executive Producer_Carlos Sargedas

Jaswant receiving the award

Jaswant’s work stood out for us because he brings a very different style of story telling.”

— Can Saraçoğlu (Festival President)

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 12, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Creative Heights Entertainment is proud to announce that their captivating travel series, “On a Quest with Jaswant,” exploring Portugal, has won the prestigious Best Travel Series award at the International Tourism Film Festival held in Antalya, Turkey from May 8th to May 12th, 2023.

Presented from the filmmaker’s perspective, the series follows the captivating journey of the show’s host, Jaswant Dev Shrestha, as he travels to Portugal, immerses himself in Portuguese culture, explores their rich traditions, and discovers historical landmarks and breathtaking landscapes. Season one takes viewers on an unforgettable exploration of Lisbon, Sesimbra, Arrábida Natural Park, Palmela, Setúbal, Azeitão, Alfarim, Lagoa da Albufeira, and Cabo Espichel. Each location reveals the vibrant arts, culture, history, and thrilling outdoor adventures unique to the region.

The International Tourism Film Festival, Turkey, is an esteemed event that celebrates the finest travel, tourism films, and cultural films from around the world. With over 300 films representing 35 countries in this year’s highly competitive program, “On a Quest with Jaswant” Exploring Portugal is truly honored to be recognized among the best. Out of all the 350 films, only 9 categories were awarded, making this achievement all the more remarkable, stated Director Jaswant Dev Shrestha. Organized in association with the Culture and Tourism Ministry of Turkey and supported by Turkish Airlines, the festival provides a platform for exceptional storytelling and cinematic excellence. Festival President, Mr. Can Saraçoğlu, highlighted Mr. Jaswant’s work for its remarkable storytelling style that captivated the jury.

Jaswant Dev Shrestha, the director and host of the series, expressed his excitement about this well-deserved accolade. Through his unique perspective, “On a Quest with Jaswant” offers viewers a captivating glimpse into the natural beauty and cultural richness of each visited location. Jaswant’s profound connection with his camera and the world around him enables him to capture the essence of each place and share it authentically with his audience.

The series is produced by Jaswant Dev Shrestha and executive produced by Carlos Sargedas.

For more information about the International Tourism Film Festival in Turkey, please visit www.turizmfilmfest.com.


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