New Masterclass Documentary Series Offers Insights into Acting, Self-Discovery

“In Class with Jocelyn Jones” is a unique documentary series that follows 16 actors as they perfect their craft and careers.

“In Class with Jocelyn Jones” Celebrates Actors and Acting

I created this documentary to celebrate actors, what they do, how they train, how they come together in a class. And I wanted people to see the magic of how actors create life before your very eyes.”

— Jocelyn Jones

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, May 1, 2023/ — A multi-part documentary series, now available online, follows the journey of 16 actors as they perfect their craft and careers under the guidance of Jocelyn Jones, a celebrated acting teacher, author and artistic advisor.

In Class with Jocelyn Jones gives a unique, intimate, close-up look at 16 accomplished artists through a series of fully rehearsed scenes, dance improvs, interviews, and exercises designed to stretch their imaginations and expression. Viewers get to see and learn as the actors share both their struggles and triumphs while expanding their creative talents.

The film is not just for actors and performers, says Jones. “But also for directors, writers and anyone interested in the creative process”

Jones, author of the award-winning Artist: Awakening the Spirit Within, has served as a confidential Creative Consultant on some of the highest-grossing pictures of all time. Her documentary, In Class with Jocelyn Jones, is directed by Miles Watkins, the well-known director of such Emmy Award-winning programs as LA Law, Commish and Northern Exposure.

Previews are available HERE. The full 16-episode series can be purchased for the limited time price of $199. Episode titles include “The Story is Told in Behavior,” “You Are Not ‘Your Story’,” and “Comedy is Character Plus Evaluation.”

Jones called the film a love letter to actors.

“I created this documentary to celebrate actors,” she said, “what they do, how they train, how they come together as a group in a class. And I wanted people to see the magic of how actors create life before your very eyes.

“I love actors,” she continued. “My father was an actor, I was an actor, and I have advised actors for the last 30 years. I want to inspire and help the next generation of actors and directors. And I wanted to document what happens when you mix dedication, hard work, and the intention to grow into the best version of yourself both as an artist and a person.”

Acting is distinct from other artistic endeavors, she said. “A musician can practice an instrument in the privacy of his or her home. A writer can write anywhere. Painters are known to thrive in their studios dedicated to being alone with their work. But actors, performing artists need a stage with other performers to practice their craft.”

The series has already received accolades from actors, producers, and writers:

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on in a first-rate, professional acting class – watch this series! A must-see masterclass.”

– David Paul Kirkpatrick, former president of Paramount and production chief of Disney

“Jocelyn has been one of my greatest teachers, in acting and in life. Actors at all stages of their careers and everyone interested in the nature of creativity will benefit from this series.”

– Kelly Rutherford, actress, Melrose Place, Gossip Girl

“Jocelyn’s energy and expertise bring a new level of excitement to the virtual classroom. She has the rare ability to bring out the best in artists. Her passion and dedication to acting education deserve recognition and celebration.”

– Byron Smith, film editor, House of Cards, True Detective

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“Home Run” – A preview of “In Class with Jocelyn Jones”

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