NCMG Revolutionizes the Industry as Jo Nathan Signs Three Trailblazing Artists, Transforming the Industry Landscape

Midwest Tone

Sean Douglas

Sean Douglas

Vocero Omar

Vocero Omar

NCMG breaks barriers with Jo Nathan signing Midwest Tone, Sean Douglas, and Vocero Omar, redefining the music landscape. Sonic revolution begins!

TOLEDO, OHIO, UNITED STATES, January 12, 2024 / — North Coast Music Group (NCMG) is making waves in the music industry with an unprecedented announcement. CEO Jo Nathan, a visionary leader known for redefining narratives, has signed three exceptional artists, igniting a new era in the world of music.

Jo Nathan’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and fostering exceptional talent has culminated in the signing of Midwest Tone, Sean Douglas, and Vocero Omar. This unprecedented triple signing represents a strategic move to reshape the music landscape, transcending geographical boundaries and targeting the West Coast, East Coast, Midwest, and setting sights on the South.

Hailing from Toledo, Ohio, Midwest Tone brings a unique blend of skills and a distinctive musical vision. He is not just an artist but an all-around music machine, contributing as a writer, recording artist, mixer, master, and beat-maker. His journey, rooted in Toledo, began at the age of 12, inspired by a deep love for family and a desire to immortalize their stories.

“Music is my therapy. With this new opportunity with NCMG, I’m gonna need a parachute because it’s up from here,” shares Midwest Tone, capturing the essence of his journey. His holistic approach to the arts includes ventures into DJing, photography, and videography.

Jo Nathan expressed enthusiasm about Midwest Tone’s addition, stating, “His unique blend of talent, passion, and dedication aligns seamlessly with our commitment to excellence and innovation in the music industry.”

Midwest Tone’s collaboration with NCMG has already sparked significant interest, with sponsor deals in the final stages of negotiation. Exciting developments are on the horizon, promising to redefine the hip-hop landscape.

The lyrical virtuoso, Sean Douglas, has officially joined forces with NCMG, marking a pivotal moment in his career and heralding a new era in the music industry. Sean’s unique blend of rap and coaching, showcased in his brand “Rock Your Gift,” aligns seamlessly with NCMG’s vision.

Jo Nathan expressed his excitement, stating, “Welcoming Sean Douglas to the NCMG family is like discovering a rare gem. His authenticity and entrepreneurial spirit perfectly align with our mission to redefine the narrative in the music industry.”

Sean Douglas, equally thrilled, shared his thoughts on the alliance, saying, “This partnership is a celebration of authenticity, and I’m thrilled to collaborate with a team that I align with so deeply around the trans-formative power of music.”

In an exciting development, Sean Douglas has submitted his first single, “Chasing Stars,” offering a glimpse into the sonic brilliance that awaits. NCMG has secured a sponsorship for Sean Douglas with the renowned clothing line Kenneth Cole, showcasing the label’s commitment to providing holistic support for its artists.

NCMG also proudly announces the signing of Vocero Omar, a versatile and captivating music artist from Buffalo, New York. With a unique blend of hip hop, R&B/Soul, Afrobeat, Reggae, and Latin influences, Vocero Omar’s dynamic and multifaceted sound promises to elevate the music scene.

Jo Nathan, CEO of NCMG, expressed excitement, stating, “We are thrilled to welcome Vocero Omar to the NCMG family. His diverse musical influences and dynamic artistry align seamlessly with our commitment to excellence and innovation in the music industry. Get ready for a sonic journey like no other!”

Born in Richmond, Virginia, Vocero Omar’s nomadic lifestyle shaped his adventurous spirit. His music journey began as a form of therapy and self-expression during his teenage years, providing sanctuary from family challenges. His powerful music aims to deeply resonate with listeners, infusing the vibrant energy of live performances into studio recordings.

A standout moment in Vocero Omar’s career was participating in the ‘Music Is Art Festival’ in 2021 and 2023, organized by Robby Takac of the Goo Goo Dolls. Now signed to NCMG, Vocero Omar focuses on refining his understanding of the music business, expanding his catalog, and exploring strategies to scale his social media presence.

Jo Nathan, NCMG CEO, shared “With Midwest Tone, Sean Douglas, and Vocero Omar joining NCMG, we’re not just signing artists; we’re welcoming extraordinary storytellers, innovators, and visionaries. Each artist brings a unique voice to our collective narrative, and together, we are poised to redefine the music landscape. Also, don’t miss Feechy’s debut single ‘Mkemi’ releasing on 1/19 on all platforms, and kudos to Restlezz for charting on the iTunes hip hop charts. Everything out now is doing great!”

This is just the beginning; the sonic journey with NCMG promises to be unparalleled!

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