Music GOAT Talent x NCMG Africa Redefine the Global Music Stage

Feechy, NCMG Africa

Alex A. Ndlovu, Music GOAT Talent

Alex A. Ndlovu, Music GOAT Talent

Jo Nathan, NCMG Africa

Jo Nathan, NCMG Africa

Feechy’s visionary leadership at NCMG Africa sparks a seismic collaboration with Music GOAT Talent Search, elevating African music onto the global stage.

TOLEDO, OHIO, UNITED STATES, January 30, 2024 / — In a seismic collaboration transcending borders, Music GOAT Talent Search and NCMG Africa proudly announce a partnership poised to redefine the global landscape of African music.

Feechy’s Trailblazing Leadership:

Guided by the visionary leadership of NCMG Africa’s President, Feechy, a groundbreaking deal has been brokered, ushering in an era of unprecedented musical exploration. Feechy’s dual roles as both artist and visionary leader have paved the way for NCMG Africa to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the continent’s musical narrative.


Jo Nathan, CEO of NCMG, and Alex A. Ndlovu of Music GOAT Talent Search, crafted a visionary deal that propels African music onto the global stage. Jo Nathan expresses excitement: “This historic partnership empowers artists, shaping a new era of global recognition. Get ready for the extraordinary journey ahead!”

NCMG Africa’s Global Distribution:

Prepare for a sonic revolution as NCMG Africa’s global distribution channels catapult South African artists from the Music G.O.A.T Talent Search into international stardom. Music GOAT envisions a future where artists’ music is distributed globally, complemented by international media interviews, press conferences, TV performances, and electrifying live shows.

Unlocking International Market Access:

The partnership between Music GOAT Talent Search and NCMG Africa is a testament to the belief in a more accessible global stage for African music. NCMG’s digital expertise meets traditional marketing approaches, ensuring a comprehensive strategy, including music tours, festivals, concerts, in-house events, and club performances. A robust social media presence, recently achieving milestones of 1500 subscribers and 12,000 views on YouTube in just 3 weeks, demonstrates the commitment to amplifying the artists’ voices.

Collaborative Marketing Mastery:

Unparalleled synergy emerges as NCMG Africa Distribution and Music Talent Search collaborate on marketing initiatives. Both entities will create projects featuring artist collaborations, gracing grand stages in Africa and beyond. Music GOAT Talent Search, renowned for innovative marketing concepts, plans to draw massive viewership to its social media channels. The aim is to create dedicated followers who resonate with artists’ compelling stories, fostering growth and success.

Long-Term Goals and Aspirations:

This partnership is not merely a transaction; it’s a commitment to nurturing emerging talent and contributing to the global music landscape. Music GOAT Talent Search dreams of being a global brand, with local versions of the show running in multiple African countries. Together, they aspire to nurture the growth of the music scene across the continent.

Visionary Feedback Mechanism:

As the partnership unfolds, Music GOAT Talent Search plans to organize workshops, scholarships, and artist collaborations, empowering artists and providing valuable insights into global music market trends. A feedback loop, including artist managers and an international representative, will ensure continuous improvement and the execution of a seamless global growth strategy.

Get ready for a musical revolution, where barriers are shattered, and African talent takes center stage. The collaboration between Music GOAT Talent Search and NCMG Africa promises not just a partnership but a cultural movement that will resonate globally. Stay tuned for the beats that will echo across continents, uniting hearts through the universal language of music.

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About Music GOAT Talent Search:

Music GOAT Talent Search is a trailblazing platform dedicated to discovering and nurturing African musical talent, committed to making a global impact.

About NCMG Africa:

NCMG Africa, a division of North Coast Music Group, is devoted to promoting and supporting emerging African artists, providing them with the resources and mentorship needed to reach a global audience.

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