Multimorphic, Inc. announces The Princess Bride Pinball game for the P3 Pinball Platform

The Princess Bride Collector’s Edition Pinball Game

Multimorphic, Inc.

P3 Pinball Platform

The Princess Bride is the 8th physical playfield module and 21st gaming experience for the P3.

ROUND ROCK, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, March 28, 2024 / — Multimorphic, Inc., in collaboration with
The Princess Bride Ltd., is excited to reveal The Princess Bride pinball game.  With over 200 video clips and quotes from the film, the game guides the player through all of the iconic scenes and rewards the player for making the right sequences of shots.  The physical playfield includes interactive features modeled directly from the film, such as Humperdinck’s Castle, Miracle Max’s Hut, the Cliffs of Insanity where the pinball physically climbs up the cliffs, and much more.

The Princess Bride pinball game is a Game Kit for Multimorphic’s revolutionary P3 Pinball Platform and leverages many of the advanced features of the platform to deliver unrivaled gameplay immersion.  Play Battle of Steel with your left hand before switching to your right hand.  Shoot shots to guide your sword to the appropriate physical scoop in Guide My Sword.  Avoid the moving ROUS on the embedded lower playfield screen when navigating through the Fire Swamp.  Gradually increase your flipper strength while Westley gains his strength to fight Humperdinck in To The Pain.  Every mode is crafted with similar uniqueness to appeal to all Princess Bride fans, regardless of their pinball-playing skill level.

Ordering options include Standard and Limited Edition Game Kits for existing P3 owners at USD 3,750 and 5,000, and Standard, Limited, and Collector’s Edition configurations for those purchasing a new P3 at USD 11,500, 12,750, and 13,750, respectively.  The Collector’s Edition is the ultimate collectible for a superfan of the film, as it comes with replica Inigo swords mounted to the cabinet, bronze powder-coated hardware, a custom backbox display glass, a numbered plaque, a signed certificate of authenticity, and more.

Pre-orders are open now at  Production begins this summer.

Multimorphic’s collaboration with The Princess Bride Ltd. was facilitated by Multimorphic’s licensing representative, Maximum Orbit, and is one of many collaborations currently in progress.

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Multimorphic, Inc. is the maker of the P3 Pinball Platform.  Located in Round Rock, TX, Multimorphic is focused on delivering evolved pinball experiences by combining real, physical pinball with dynamic artwork and game kit modularity, allowing owners to enjoy multiple and easily-swappable pinball games on the same machine.  With 21 games now available for the platform and multiple licensed titles, the P3 offers something for every fan of the silver ball. 

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The Princess Bride Pinball Game by Multimorphic

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