Momenic Enabled teams up with Boutique Art Studio Carrot to bring their service offering to global game dev outsourcing.

We’ve always had a passion for the arts, and bringing the right technologies and pipelines with Momenic Enabled’s support will strengthen our vision for establishing a boutique renaissance art studio.”

— Mr. Dai, CEO – Carrot

SURREY, BC, CANADA, January 17, 2024 / — Momenic Creations Inc., a company geared towards initiatives that complement the development of entertainment experiences through its mentorship and consulting services, recently established its division “Momenic Enabled” to support underrepresented talent in emerging markets with international business and strategic development. Momenic Enabled continues to grow its family of partners offering external development sourcing to the video game industry.

Momenic is pleased to announce its partnership with Carrot, located in Shenyang, China, a longtime art service provider for the China game industry. Comprised of a leadership group of PHD Creatives, Carrot aims to become a boutique art studio emphasizing their traditional roots in the digital medium. With expertise across 2D Concept, 3D Character Creation, 3D Environment, and their specialty in Hard Surface modeling the company is poised to embrace conventional and traditional art outsourcing for the international market. They are now engaged in strategic partnership with Momenic to expand their company’s development and client base in the video game industry through Momenic Enabled.

Momenic’s Founder Dilber Mann said:
“As we embrace many technologies in the art production pipeline, I saw less emphasis on traditional artistic skillsets within many service providers, where scalability and volume production has taken the lead in how service providers are evolving their business. While these are important areas of focus, often there is a dilution of quality skillsets as a team expands in an attempt to tackle client demand. With Carrot, Momenic Enabled looked to approach external development from an alternate perspective, where their passion for art has evolved their company vision in creating a modern renaissance culture of high quality artistic developers. It’s truly inspiring to see, and I believe through Momenic strategic development, and mentoship we can bring this company vision to life.”

Carrot’s CEO Mr Dai said:
“We’ve always had a passion for the arts, and bringing the right technologies and pipelines with Momenic Enabled’s support will strengthen our vision for establishing a boutique renaissance art studio.  It’s exciting to meet the advisory team at Momenic, especially with someone with Dilber’s history in video game production and background in external development to help Momenic Enabled.  While we are grounded in our local domestic market in China, achieving an international standard is what has inspired us to join Momenic’s family of partners in the collective strategic development of our companies.”

About Momenic:
Momenic (Momenic Creations Inc.), A play on the words “Iconic” and “Moments”, Momenic was formed to support initiatives that create, preserve, and capture iconic moments/experiences through the use of entertainment media with the belief that with the right support, everyone has the ability to achieve greatness. Through mentorship, knowledge sharing, and investments, Momenic enables people, communities, and companies for success in their entertainment-related products and experiences. A former APEX Brazil Import/Export Program Participant, and supporter of Brazil Game Developers since 2015, Momenic continues now through South East Asia & China driving its mentorship. Through museum exhibits and offering of pop culture luxury collectibles and merchandise, Momenic empowers communities with nostalgia as well as community storytelling through entertainment Media. Enhanced further through its Momenic Enabled Division as a video game external development service provider, Momenic continues to partner with unrepresented talent in emerging market countries. By working with the individual and smaller groups that strive to succeed, Momenic seeks to empower those they partner with to eventually impact regional change with positive outcomes that touch all aspects of people’s lives.
About Carrot:
Carrot Game Studio, established in 2012, has been dedicated to delivering unparalleled art services and cultivating an exceptional gaming experience for enthusiasts worldwide. Since its inception, the studio has been unwavering in its commitment to fostering team development with technology as its cornerstone, creating a synergy between accomplished industry experts and highly skilled sculpture masters.
As a frontrunner in the realm of art outsourcing services in China, Carrot has evolved into a pivotal provider for numerous esteemed local developers, including but not limited to Lilith Game, Tencent Game, and Netease Game. The studio’s profound impact on the gaming industry is a testament to its strategic collaborations and innovative approach.
What sets Carrot apart is its relentless pursuit of pushing the boundaries of what is achievable in the gaming art landscape. By continuously advancing technology and knowledge, Carrot Services stands as a beacon of excellence, empowering partners to meet and exceed their aesthetic aspirations in the realm of video games. The studio’s unwavering commitment to excellence positions it as a reliable and visionary ally for developers seeking expert solutions that elevate the artistic essence of their gaming creations.

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