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Mod-Fence Temporary & Portable Event Fencing

Mod-Traditional & Mod-Picket Fencing

Mod-Traditional & Mod-Picket Fencing

Mod-Fence Space Delineator

Mod-Fence Space Delineator

Mod-Fence offers event designers, rental companies, venues and more a modern and modular solution for temporary and portable event fencing needs.

We upgraded and modernized the temporary fence product shopping experience for events, rental companies, venues, distributors and more to suit their varying event design needs.”

— Gauro Coen

SANTA FE SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 16, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Mod-Fence Systems, the leading supplier and distributor of modular, premium and portable vinyl fencing provides a modernized fencing solution for any type of event or occasion.

What makes Mod-Fence unique?

Mod-Fence freestanding fencing is lightweight and can be used on any subsurface. Clients have the the ability to mix, move, and transform any event space with ease. From crowd control to state fairs, hosted events, and perimeter line security, Mod-Fence offers a stylish and dependable fencing solution for redefining any space.

Mod-Fence provides versatility in event fencing design and layout with their simple, yet strong temporary PVC fencing systems.

To compliment their 6ft long Mod-Traditional Fence and 6ft long Mod-Picket Fence panel styles, the 3ft long fence panel is available in both fence styles and offers event planners, coordinators and rental agents the ultimate in design flexibility. Customize the length and layout of each fence panel to fit any event space.

There are no tools required for assembly and fence panels can be configured into a variety of shapes using Universal Pivot Posts. The universal Mod-Post Connectors work with both fence style systems, providing clients with the layout and configuration flexibility. Furthermore, Mod-Posts make assembling and disassembling simple.

The proprietary multi-functional pivoting post connectors feature a hook and loop connection system. Once connected, fence panels can pivot 180° degrees in either direction, allowing users to quickly and easily rearrange or adjust as needs change.

Each pre-assembled fence panel is UV Inhibited to protect the finish from fading and contains high impact modifiers for fence longevity. Mod-Fence panels will not rot, warp, rust, or corrode. There are no tools required for assembly and Mod-Fence can be used for indoor or outdoor use, making them great for crowd control for all types of events, festivals and concerts.

The Mod-Traditional Fence is designed to offer pure functionality and convenience. The Mod-Picket Fence is the ideal solution for those seeking modern elegance with a touch of mid-century sophistication and American charm.

Add a sophisticated and modern touch to any occasion using Mod-Fence modular event fencing.


Mod-Fence Systems, a Division of FloorEXP Inc. specializes in selling premium, portable and modular fencing for tent events, amusement parks, golf courses, state fairs, high end venues and any location where an attractive, yet durable, space delineator is required.

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Portable and Modular Event Fencing With Hundreds of Uses

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