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Milwaukee Packout Cart Saves Your Back and Knees

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Milwaukee Band File in Action Getting the Job Done

KBC Tools & Machinery announces the expansion of its line of industrial metalworking power tools from Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation in U.S. and Canada.

Milwaukee is the natural choice as they have committed to R&D. I am a Dewalt guy and can say that Milwaukee appeals to every trade in a way that gives Tradesmen the “fizz” about their tools.”

— David Zagar, V.P. KBC Tools & Machinery

STERLING HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN, USA, April 22, 2024 / — While the relationship between KBC Tools & Machinery and Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation has been a long one spanning over three decades in North America, it wasn’t until this year that KBC decided to refocus and offer the Milwaukee line of metalworking power tools based upon the manufacturer’s stellar reputation for industrial applications, warranty and service program, innovative line of cord free long use power tools for the professional trades, and the Packout system that makes any job anywhere a logistical possibility.

Eradicating the offerings from King, Bosch, and Dewalt allowed a greater focus on cord free power tool specific to the industrial metalworking industry vs the DIYers and contractors relying upon Home Depot for the latest in innovations.

With grinders, band saws, sanders, polishers, nibblers, and more rounding out the metalworking offering. Of particular interest to metalworkers are the two versions of the M12 band files, ½”x18” KBC Part #: 1-828-2482-20 and a 3/8”x13” 1-828-2483-20 unrivalled products at this time, with no cord they are truly efficient – and they are one of the reasons KBC started looking at Milwaukee with such focus.

When we asked Dave Zagar, V.P. of KBC Tools & Machinery, why KBC chose Milwaukee, he replied,” Milwaukee is the natural choice if you had to choose one brand as they have committed to R&D like no other. I am a Dewalt guy and can say that Milwaukee appeals to every trade in a way that gives Tradesmen the “fizz” about their tools.”

Milwaukee Electric has been leading the power tool world in technological advances for industry since its inception in 1924. In the beginning it was a request by Henry Ford to improve the ¼” capacity hand held drill to make it lighter for use on the assembly lines at Ford Motor Company that drove Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation to work with industry to make continuous improvements. Then in the 1930’s the US Navy created an even bigger demand for hand held electric sanders, polishers, grinders, and hammers. The innovations and improvements kept coming with the unveiling of a handheld drill with or without hammer action in the mid 1930’s, hand held grinders, sanders, and circular saws with an added spring clutch to reduce the tools’ recoil in the late 1940’s, and the introduction of the ubiquitous Sawzall, a reciprocating hacksaw in the early 1950’s.

The innovations and improvements continued, and in 2005 Milwaukee Electric Tools Corporation refocused their attention and the future of the company with an eye firmly on that history of making tools and life better for those that rely upon the company for their livelihood. Rather than just making great tools, they decided to go into the field and onto the jobsite to see the professional trades at work, get close, and understand the daily demands, needs, wants, and frustrations of those actually on the front line using the equipment. Milwaukee calls this progressive problem solving, and those observations combined with their invention of the use of the lithium ion battery in power tools changed how and what professionals chose to use in the field. Long charged battery powered industrial tooling became the go to vs. corded tooling and the restrictions and safety concerns of the length of the cord and power sources. Black and red power tools dominate in the field.

Lessons learned from the front line meant that Milwaukee ensured that the end user will never be left behind and need to change platforms as innovations evolve the line into the future. This is an industry changing concept as all battery powered tool users prior know the cost and frustration of retiring a favorite tool when the battery fails to hold a full charge any longer or new batteries are discontinued. For professionals this is only further exasperated by the many tools in their inventory, and yet another reason for them to choose Milwaukee for their power tools. Improvements in ergonomics, portability, strength and length of professional grade power, and increased extreme performance continue to ensure that Milwaukee boasts the best built technology in this arena. Black and red sleek design and coloration ensure that everyone on the front line knows who is the professional.

KBC Tools & Machinery will be focusing on the two main battery platforms offered by Milwaukee, the M12 and M18. Each of these batteries offer several Amp Hour offerings, and KBC has them all. While tradesmen talk about getting more power, they really want the right balance between Amp Hours and weight, and Milwaukee offers the perfect combination for those who work overhead on a regular basis who may need lesser weight to perform at maximum efficiency and comfort.

Milwaukee envisions a cordless platform worldwide in 10 years or less. Many work forces are already pulling away from cumbersome cords either electric or pneumatic as lithium is quickly proving to have the power and run time needed by most. Many of the legacy “beast” 13-15 Amp corded models have been discontinued by Milwaukee to prove that Milwaukee believes in the vision of a true cordless workforce across the board.

Innovation, research, and development continue to be powered with big investments by Milwaukee to power the changes.

In 2022 the company invested $220 million dollars into a Wisconsin R&D facility and a Chicago engineering, design, and innovation facility. Black and red keep leading the way. “Nothing but HEAVY DUTY” is Milwaukee’s slogan, and it’s true.

Still, the innovations and understanding of the users’ needs did not stop there. Milwaukee spent much time, money, and consideration to how those professionals get the tools to and from the job site and what they need when they get to work. This resulted in a modular storage system, Milwaukee Packout System, that is durable, rollable, and tough enough for those places that the professionals go and for organization and storage within the shop. The individual components securely attach to one another to stack and lock in place and fit on a variety of rolling bases for easy transportation and portability. The system is not just for hard case solutions, but also incorporates the ability to stack and lock into place open soft bags – all from Milwaukee. Clients can even customize and build their own pack out system on line on Milwaukee’s site,

Some highlights included in different components of the Packout system include: industrial grade handles, water and debris proof IP65 rated for even the most difficult of locations, large wheels for navigation of rural and urban rugged terrains, interior organization trays, locking lid support to allow hands free access to the tools stored within, metal reinforced locking points and corners, heavy duty latches, reinforced hinges, built in hardware for tie downs, metal ball bearing drawer slides, quick access storage doors, impact resistant polymer or tear resistant 1680D ballistic material, mounting location for one-key tick, secure hang/stack/store.

Components of the Packout system include: rolling tool chests and boxes, 2 wheel carts and dollies, toolboxes with and without drawers and cases in a variety of sizes, crates, tool trays, organizers, tool and battery stations and racks, light and recharger with 3,000 lumens, a 6 bay rapid recharger, hooks, racking shelves and kits, customizable work tops, wall and mounting plates. Milwaukee offers soft bags that also clip onto the top of any Packout toolbox or organizer, including: totes, tool bags, backpacks, and tech bags. Professionals can Packout a full array of modules or just grab a bag and go for smaller repairs and jobs.

All of the Milwaukee line is available from KBC, with the exception of rolling metal mechanic style toolboxes, KBC is focusing on offering the Packout rolling cart with wood work top, 2 or 3 drawer tool boxes, cabinet, and dolly which is most appropriate for the vast majority of KBC clients working in a prototype, production machine shop, and fabrication environments. It’s like a Kennedy tool box on steroids without the brown wrinkles. (See Milwaukee Packout: Work Top, KBC Part #: 1-828-48228488; 3-Drawer Tool Box, KBC Part # 1-828-48228443; 2-Drawer Tool Box, KBC Part # 1-828-48228442; Cabinet, KBC Part # 1-828-48228445; Dolly, KBC Part # 1-828-48228410).

All that time that Milwaukee spent in the field resulted in some other innovations that keep everyone working and happy while away from the shop, such as: coolers, hot/cold tumblers, radio and charger combo. All have Packout connectivity, so you can ensure that your coffee, lunch, and cool tunes won’t be forgotten at the shop or sliding off the seat of your vehicle in transit and your coffee will be hot and your lunch cool when you arrive. Heck, with the addition of a drawer for a couple of clean t-shirts, underwear, and socks this is the adult version of running away with a peanut butter sandwich and a few things tied up in a bandana on a stick, just a lot more efficient, high tech, and professional.

While the Packout system is great for professional use, let’s not forget that when traveling to the cottage for an overnight, weekend, or longer stay, power tools are a cottager’s best friend. Imagine how handy it would be to have an extra two drawer tool box or a few tool trays complete with your favorite fly fishing lures and components all able to be connected to your Packout system and ready to travel. A place for every tool, and every tool in its place makes for a happy user.

KBC Tools & Machinery was also impressed with the ease of the warranty and registration for Milwaukee’s products. When one purchases a Milwaukee tool, the registration is done. Just keep the receipt for proof of when purchased. A strong network of service centers in North America handles repair and replacements under warranty, for original purchasers that are defective in material or workmanship, but not due to normal wear and tear or abuse, and beyond warranty at a cost. Warrantees range from 1 year to lifetime depending on the product. Some examples of warrantees:

-Lifetime: hand tools, Hole Dozer, Shockwave impact duty socket and extension, mechanics hand tools, MT hand tools

-5 years: test and measurement product, nailer and stapler

-3 years: Redstick level, digital levels, laser distance meter, outdoor power equipment

-2 years: MX Fuel product, batter pack and charger, portable generator, personal lighting, redlithium USB, airless paint sprayer

-1 to 5 years: portable power tools

-1 to 3 years: cordless batter packs

– 1 year: reconditioned product, voltage detectors, 2 beam plumb laser, tool & equipment tracker

Milwaukee Electric Company’s products are manufactured in The U.S. in Texas, Tennessee, and Ohio, as well as Germany, China, Mexico, and Vietnam allowing the company to maintain the best in manufacturing quality at competitive pricing for industry.

A range of Milwaukee items are highlighted in KBC Tools & Machinery’s current sale flyer and online at

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