Medical Drama “Margin of Error” about a Drug Kingpin Turned Renowned Black Surgeon
Medical Drama “Margin of Error” about a Drug Kingpin Turned Renowned Black Surgeon

Dr. Jeffery Dormu, Show Creator

Co-Executive Producer, Fox's 'Alert'

Tyrin Turner, Executive Producer, Margin of Error

Christopher Barbour, “Margin of Error” Consulting Producer, (Executive Producer, “CSI”, “Law in Order”, “In From the Cold”).

Based on a True Story, “Margin of Error” Hits Hard on Redemption! Under the Weight of Adversity, Corporate Thugs Couldn’t Stop His Legacy.

Our aim is not to glorify street life but to produce an inspirational depiction of Dormu’s success in hopes that others in under-served communities will be inspired to follow their dreams.”

— Dawn Carter

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, May 23, 2023/ — New Medical Drama, “Margin of Error” is based on a renowned Cardiovascular surgeon who has been on both the Dean’s and FBI’s list simultaneously.

The show intersects the gangsters of medicine with gangsters of the streets. “ER, House, Grey’s Anatomy” meets “The Wire”.

Christopher Barbour, Netflix’s “In from the Cold”, EP, “CSI”, “Law and Order” writer/producer, and “Criminal Minds,” Co Exec Producer, serves as Consulting Producer. Tyrin Turner, Fox’s hit new show, “Alert” Executive Producer, alongside Jamie Foxx, is an EP on the series.

This hard-hitting retelling of Dr. Jeffery Dormu’s dangerous past as a former District of Columbia drug kingpin intersperses storylines from the doctor’s past and present. The series navigates his life and illustrates how one margin of error could mean the difference between life or death on the streets as well as in the operating room. From narrowly escaping life as a Liberian child soldier, organizing one of the largest gangs in DC history, the Gangsta Chronicles and becoming a drug kingpin, to attending an ivy league school, Dormu went on to win a civil rights lawsuit against four corrupt police officers. During the span of his career, he has surgically saved tens of thousands of lives and built the only black owned cardiovascular hospital in the world, a multi-million dollar facility. Margin of Error is a unique rags to riches story that will take fans on a multi-sensory journey.

Dr. Dormu’s hospital is affectionately called, “The Watcher” because it watches over the sick and vulnerable and addresses daily healthcare disparities in a marginalized community. The Clinical Team at The Watcher enjoy state of the art hospital environs as they tackle day to day life or death socio-medical dilemmas and deceit in the healthcare industry.

Show Producer, Dawn Carter, is best known for NBC’s sitcom, “Community”, 20th Century Fox’s Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Date Night, First Daughter, and Supremacy with Danny Glover and Derek Luke.

Makenson Severe penned the pilot episode along with Co-writer, and Associate Producer, Vanessa Morman.

DGA director, J. Jesses Smith, Curtis Jackson’s (50 Cent) “Before I Self Destruct”, Mike Tyson’s “Witness for the Prosecution”, and other works has been tapped as one of the directors for the series.

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