London Real’s “We Will Not Be Silenced” Triumphs with 15 Film Festival Awards for its Exploration of Free Speech

“We Will Not Be Silenced” Poster

“We Will Not Be Silenced,” the latest documentary from London Real, has garnered widespread acclaim and secured an impressive tally of 15 film festival awards.

We are incredibly humbled and honoured by the overwhelming response to ‘We Will Not Be Silenced’,”

— Brian Rose, founder and host of London Real

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, February 9, 2024 / — “We Will Not Be Silenced,” the latest documentary from London Real, has garnered widespread acclaim and secured an impressive tally of 15 awards across various film festivals, with highlights including the Swedish Academy Of Motion Picture Awards, Cannes World Film Festival, Latitude Film Awards, Los Angeles Film Awards, New York International Film Awards, International Independent Film Awards and Dubai International Cine Carnival. This milestone underscores the film’s profound impact and relevance in shedding light on the critical issues surrounding free speech amidst the digital revolution.

Directed by acclaimed filmmakers Luis Solarat and London Real founder and host Brian Rose, “We Will Not Be Silenced” tackles some of the most important topics to cast a lens upon: our inalienable human right to free speech, how de facto access to this in a digital world is being eroded and the complexities and challenges faced by individuals, broadcasters, and communities in their struggle to uphold free expression in an increasingly interconnected yet censorious world.

Perhaps the debate which will characterise our generation, the film is not just another project for its creators; it is a mission to shed light on the crucial importance of free expression in a world that’s increasingly governed by online interactions.

Through gripping storytelling and insightful commentary, the documentary offers a comprehensive examination of the evolving landscape of censorship, online discourse, and the relentless pursuit of truth.

The film’s success on the festival circuit serves as a testament to its universal appeal and timely significance. From prestigious events such as the Cannes Film Festival to grassroots gatherings championing civil liberties, “We Will Not Be Silenced” has resonated with audiences across diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Its compelling narrative and thought-provoking analysis have sparked meaningful conversations and inspired action among viewers worldwide.

“We are incredibly humbled and honoured by the overwhelming response to ‘We Will Not Be Silenced’,” said Brian Rose, CEO of London Real. “This film represents our commitment to amplifying voices of dissent and defending the fundamental right to free speech. In an era defined by digital censorship and algorithmic control, it is more vital than ever to confront these challenges head-on and stand in solidarity with those who refuse to be silenced.”

The story of “We Will Not Be Silenced” is, in many respects, a modern-day David and Goliath tale.

When London Real’s YouTube channel, a hub for free thinkers with over two million subscribers, was deplatformed on September 4, 2023, it wasn’t just a blow to a single platform; it symbolised a larger, more disturbing trend in a world ruled by social media corporate behemoths.

This incident underscores a stark new reality: our online spaces, once celebrated as bastions of free expression, are now arenas where voices can be silenced on a whim by tech giants.

The film aims to capture not just the struggle of London Real but also the resilience and tenacity of those who believe in the sanctity of free speech. The outpouring of support from millions of people across the world and the subsequent groundbreaking livestream event is a demonstration of what can be achieved when people unite behind a cause.

As “We Will Not Be Silenced” continues to garner accolades and accolades, its impact reverberates far beyond the confines of the silver screen. Through its impassioned plea for solidarity and resilience in the face of censorship, the documentary ignites a rallying cry for collective action and civic engagement. It inspires viewers to reclaim their voice and defend the principles of free expression that lie at the heart of a vibrant and democratic society.
For more information about “We Will Not Be Silenced” and upcoming screenings, please visit London Real’s website.

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