Littel Girl, Big Imagination: At the Farm – Film Poster – photo by Ricardo Araújo

Little Girl Gabi – Gabriela Matei – photo by Ricardo Araújo

Black Bird – Andrea Matei – photo by Ricardo Araújo

Season 2 Premieres this Friday, February 16 on YouTube, just in time for Family Day

Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

— Albert Einstein

BEETON, ON, CANADA, February 12, 2024 / — Little Girl Gabi is back with a burst of imagination and a brand-new season of enchanting escapades! “Little Girl Big Imagination,” the beloved family project starring the imaginative protagonist Gabriela Matei, is thrilled to announce the premiere of Season 2 with Episode 1, “At the Farm.” Mark your calendars for February 16, 2024, at 5 PM EST on YouTube, just in time for Family Day!

Building on the success of Season 1, this artistic mini-series, directed and produced by the talented teen author Andrea Matei, continues to captivate audiences with its unique blend of storytelling and movement. Season 2 kicks off with Little Girl Gabi spending a day at the farm, where her vivid imagination takes center stage. As she follows a mysterious black bird into the barn, magical transformations unfold.

The cast of this episode features the dynamic sister duo: Gabriela Matei as Little Girl Gabi and Andrea Matei as the Black Bird, showcasing their creative and artistic synergies. Behind the lens, Director of Photography and Photographer Ricardo Araújo masterfully captures the magic, while Andrea’s choreography comes to life under the dancer’s soft movements. Future episodes promise to showcase various young dancers as the objects of Gabi’s imagination, giving them the opportunity to perform on camera and expand their portfolios.

“This season continues to be a celebration of curiosity, imagination, and the art of movement,” says Andrea Matei, the visionary force behind the series. “We want to inspire young children to explore the unlimited possibilities of their imagination and encourage a love for the beauty of dance.” Filmed at the picturesque Javgureanu Farms in Orillia, ON, with production assistance from Celia Araújo and makeup artistry by the talented Elisa McIntyre, “At the Farm” promises to be a visual feast for audiences of all ages.

“Little Girl Big Imagination” is more than a web-series; it’s a heartwarming collaboration that invites viewers to join Little Girl Gabi on her imaginative journey. The Season 2 premiere on February 16, 2024, serves as a perfect way for families to celebrate creativity, love, and togetherness just in time for Family Day.

About “Little Girl Big Imagination”: “Little Girl Big Imagination” is a family project led by teen author and filmmaker Andrea Matei, featuring the imaginative adventures of her little sister Gabi. The series aims to inspire young audiences to explore their creativity and embrace the joy of movement through captivating storytelling. It is meant to provide young dancers an opportunity to perform on camera and inspire the younger generation to pursue the art of movement. In addition to the short dance films, the project also promotes early literacy through the children’s picture books created with pictures from each episode. Andrea has currently released two children’s picture books based on episode 1 and 3 of Season 1 (“At the Beach” and “By the Tree”) to serve as early literacy tools both at home and in schools, with word lists to read and write at the beginning and end of each book. Books are self-published and available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble in e-book, paperback and hardcover versions.

Cast and Crew:

• Little Girl: Gabriela Matei

• Black Bird: Andrea Matei

• Director of Photography/Photographer: Ricardo Araújo

• Production Assistant: Celia Araújo

• Production Manager: Daniela Matei

• Makeup Artist: Elisa McIntyre

• Choreographer: Andrea Matei

• Directed and produced by: Andrea Matei

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