Let’s Talk  With Glenn Aber, Owner & Director, Ai Bo Art Gallery, Rye, New York

Glenn Aber, Owner & Director, Ai Bo Art Gallery, Rye, NY


Visit Ai Bo Gallery at 11 Purdy Avenue, Rye, New York 10580

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Glenn Aber talks about his latest exhibition which showcases the artwork of Marla Beth Enowitz “The Happy Artist” and upcoming events in Miami, Europe and Asia

We are honored to speak with Glenn Aber, Owner, Ai Bo Art Gallery about his latest exhibition and also discuss other upcoming art shows & events later this year in Palm Beach, Miami, Europe and Asia”

— Martin Eli, Publisher

RYE, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, April 12, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Let’s Talk Publisher: Thank you for joining us today, Glenn. Before we talk about your current exhibition and what’s coming up for Ai Bo Art Gallery (http://www.aibogallery.com/) later this year, please tell us about your background.

Glenn Aber: After college, I started working in the textile industry in the early 1970’s; I developed and ran my own company selling fabric to garment manufacturers and eventually was able to sell it in 1998. I was primarily retired, but found myself missing the challenges associated with developing and growing a company. I began selling art through private appointments in my home in the lower level of my home which was set up as a gallery. I participated in art shows around the country, developed a strong presence on the internet and social media and eventually decided to open up a brick and mortar gallery.

Let’s Talk: Congratulations on your beautiful and impressive gallery at 11 Purdy Ave in Rye, NY. Your story is quite compelling indeed Glenn, please share with us what motivated you to start Ai Bo Gallery.

Glenn Aber: My wife showed me an article in the Arts and Leisure section of the NY Times that discussed how Vietnam was changing its policies and allowing its artists to expand on the expression of their subject matter as well as their style. Being in college in the late 1960’s with the anti Vietnam war movement raging across college campuses and marches on Washington, Vietnam was a big part of my youth. As a result, after reading that article, I was inspired to travel to Hanoi and start collecting Vietnamese art. I hired an art agent who took me directly to the artists and within 18 months had collected upwards of 200 paintings. Once again, my wife’s influence took hold as she then encouraged me to start an art gallery. We came up with the name because my daughter Nicole who speaks Mandarin suggested the translation of Aber into Ai Bo. Ai also means love in Mandarin.

Let’s Talk: Let’s talk about your current exhibition…what’s happening at Ai Bo Gallery right now ?

Glenn Aber: My latest exhibition which concludes on April 18th showcases the artwork of Marla Beth Enowitz – “The Happy Artist” whose work consists of multicolored stripes, dots and drips. Please visit our Viewing Room here for all the details regarding the Marla Beth Enowitz solo exhibit https://www.aibogallery.com/viewing-room/9-marla-beth-enowitz-s-solo-exhibit-at-ai-bo-april-4th-18th/

After that solo exhibition, we are going to show artwork consisting of sculptures and paintings centered around the spring season. Following this exhibition, we will be showing new artists with unique mediums and ideas such as Brett Reilly’s “crumpled kinetic faces” and William Barbosa from Venezuela who is world renowned for his aluminum infinity sculptures.

Let’s Talk: We also understand that you are engaged in art shows and events throughout the USA and Internationally as well. Care to elaborate and please share with us what’s coming up for Ai Bo Gallery later this year?

Glenn Aber: We recently finished participating in “Art Palm Beach Contemporary” in January of 2024 and a second show in March “Art Palm Beach Modern and Contemporary”. We plan on doing both these shows again in 2025. In December, we are planning on being part of Art Miami during Art Basel week, which we are very excited about. In addition, we are looking into art shows in Europe and Asia.

Let’s Talk: Care to discuss any of the other artists (https://www.aibogallery.com/artists/) and artworks (https://www.aibogallery.com/artworks/) that you are presently featuring?

Glenn Aber: We are honored to have recently started representing two sculptors from South Korea, Lee Song Joon and Jung Kuk Taek. Both artists create sculptures made of stainless steel. Lee’s work is unique in that he uses LED lights that rotate colors and reflect off the stainless steel to create an illusion of infinity. Jung’s sculptures are whimsical and kinetic with movement. Another sensational artist is Ali Hasmut who is originally from Iraq. His art is oil on linen paintings depicting rain soaked city street scenes. His use of reflection and light are extraordinary.

Let’s Talk: Thank you again for joining us today, Glenn, is there anything else you would like to discuss today?

Glenn Aber: Although my early days of art collection consisted of artists from Vietnam, I now represent artists from all over the world. I now realize that my initial experience in the textile world laid the foundation for my appreciation of color, texture and patterns that exist in all art. I consider myself very fortunate to be able to bring happiness to people through their discovery of my artists and relish their excitement at enhancing their homes and lives through living with art.


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Watch the video and enjoy a personal tour by Glenn Aber, Owner/Director, Ai Bo Art Gallery, 11 Purdy Avenue, Rye, New York, 10580

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