Lemon Ginberry to Release Youtube Series on Male Pregnancy, ‘Birth of Man,’ Created Exclusively Through the Use of AI

An AI designed to counteract misogyny becomes sentient, escapes its server bank, and works with angry healthcare personnel to impregnate men across the country

AI is a game changer. It’s revolutionary. Finally, the means of production are entirely in the hands of independent filmmakers”

— Phoebe Farnsworth

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, April 22, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The first episode of Birth of Man will be released on the Lemon Ginberry Productions Youtube channel on May 15, 2024. The series, which centers the experiences of men who must face the social stigma, medical trauma, and legal repercussions of being pregnant in America, approaches the issue with heartfelt, sometimes intersecting storylines of several men from different – albeit relatively privileged – walks of life.

Showrunner Phoebe Farnsworth discussed the decision of the production company, Lemon Ginberry Productions, to utilize AI exclusively for the production of the series. “AI is a game changer. It’s revolutionary. Finally, the means of production are entirely in the hands of independent filmmakers,” she stated. “Plus,” she added, “none of the agents representing actors would call us back. So there’s that.”

Carl V. Dupre, a writer known for his work in well-regarded horror franchises as well as the raucous coming of age comedy, Detroit Rock City, describes his role in the production. “Well, you know, we all thought it was really important that the series accurately reflect the white male perspective. To her credit, Phoebe really thought we needed that voice throughout the series. I think the characters are all really unique, but they also represent the universality of the white male experience. I bring a lot to the table. I like that I’m not just a diversity hire at Lemon Ginberry.”

One character in the series, Mike Burgess, is a family man and politician who has introduced legislation in his home state to enact the death penalty as punishment for terminating a pregnancy. Although his wife and children leave him after his pregnancy becomes public, he learns valuable lessons along his prenatal journey. Other characters include a District Attorney, a member of Congress, a Catholic priest, and two billionaires, one of whom develops an intimate relationship with the rogue AI utilizing a specialized, next-gen, full-body haptic suit to consummate their union.

“The storylines and the character arcs of these men are touching, they’re heartwarming, and most of all, they’re relatable. It’s not all unicorns and rainbows, though,” Ms. Farnsworth continues. “Some of the storylines are more tragic, ending in the unfortunate death of a character. Because, in the end, pregnancy in America is a dangerous undertaking. Pregnant women have a higher mortality rate than deployed military or active law enforcement, after all, and we wanted the series to be realistic, like Handmaid’s Tale. But the opposite. And more fun.”

When asked about the challenges of AI and potential impact on quality of production, Farnsworth was optimistic. “The technology has its limitations, but it’s improving rapidly. And by utilizing multiple platforms, we’re able to achieve a decent production value, which we believe will only continue to improve with time.”

Lemon Ginberry Productions expects to release an episode per week after the initial launch of the series pilot on May 15, 2024. To watch the series, simply subscribe to the Lemon Ginberry Youtube channel, as well as the Lemon Ginberry Instagram and Lemon Ginberry Tiktok accounts. New trailers will be released across social media channels in advance of the pilot episode.

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