Kictstarter Creators of Multimedia Pet Care Surpass Funding Goal in 48 Hours With DOGSPLAY, The Interactive TV for Pets

DOGSPLAY: The Interactive TV with Unlimited Pet Media

The Sunny Wave Tech team from South Korea take the crowdfunding spotlight featuring the 2-way video communication, video and music device for dogs.

While we’d like to have our pets with us at all times, it’s unrealistic and impractical for many of us. We wanted to create a product that’s safe and keeps them entertained when home alone.”

— Haksun Kim, CEO

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 16, 2023/ — While dogs have been companions to humans for over 30,000 years, many still struggle with adjusting to times of separation from their owners. Leaving dogs alone for a couple of hours may seem trivial, but for some dogs it can be a highly stressful experience, manifesting feelings of loneliness and resulting in disruptive behavior. DOGSPLAY from Sunny Wave Tetch, uses the latest technology in media and communication to provide a device that keeps dogs happy and connected to their owners no matter the distance.

DOGSPLAY’s exclusive 2-way video call feature allows both pet and owner to access verbal and visual communication 24/7. Using the mobile app, owners can check in on their dogs’ status, and also receive alerts through the real-time notification system, activated when their dog is in proximity of DOGSPLAY’s built-in motion sensor. Through this function, dogs too, can voluntarily initiate communication with their owners*.

The patented ‘Dogfilter’ is a built-in feature that adjusts low-resolution images and stabilizes frame rates, optimizing the viewing experience for dogs. DOGSPLAY’s display also amplifies blues and yellows and adjusts visual motion from human standard 30-60, to 120 frames per second. addressing dogs’ dichromatic vision and short-sightedness. The HQ audio system maintains speaker volume at 40 kHz+, providing a richer and fuller hearing experience for dog ears.

“We’ve all felt the guilt from leaving our dogs behind at home, some days that guilt can be taped over by events that follow in our daily life, but for dogs, it leaves a far greater impact. This feeling of guilt is what drove us to create DOGSPLAY. While we’d like to have our pets with us at all times, it’s unrealistic and impractical for many of us. We wanted to create a product that’s realistic, safe, and enjoyable for them. It’s common knowledge among dog parents that some of our furry children enjoy watching TV as much as we do, and just as time flies when we’re binge-watching our favorite shows, we thought, why not provide this kind of entertainment that’s suitable for our pets? DOGSPLAY gives pets just as much access to us as we choose to have with them. Communicate and keep them entertained without running up with your electricity bill. We hope DOGSPLAY helps strengthen the relationship between dogs and their owners, no matter where in the world you are.

– Haksun Kim, CEO

What’s more, all backers get a free 3- month subscription and unlimited downloads to DOGFLIX, access to photo storage, and DOGMUSIC, the music platform for pets.

While the Launch Day Special Rewards are no longer available, make sure not to miss out on Early Bird Rewards at $539, 46% off MSRP ($999). Check out DOGSPLAY’s Kickstarter for more information on bundle packs and Kickstarter exclusives (limited to 30 days only).

Haksun’s former profession at Samsung as a developer making display filters for the color-blind and visually impaired, aided the creation of the Dogfilter. Sunny Wave Tech’s journey with DOGSPLAY began in 2018 and has since obtained their international PCT. With long-term goals to provide global access to pet products, the release of content for cats is on the horizon with plans for release in 2024.

*Familiarizing your pet with DOGSPLAY may take up to 2 weeks or more, depending on the dog’s breed, duration and intensity of training support.

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DOGSPLAY: The Interactive TV for Pets

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