Cards of Eternity: The Wheel of Time

Aether Games Unveils a Digital Trading Card Game
Set in Robert Jordan’s Epic Fantasy Universe

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 21, 2024 / — Fans of Robert Jordan’s sprawling world The Wheel of Time® universe will soon have a collectible card trading game experience like no other. Aether Games proudly presents Cards of Eternity: The Wheel of Time. This groundbreaking title blends breathtaking CGI artistry, the timeless thrill of strategic battles, and cutting-edge AI. Cards of Eternity will set a new standard for the digital trading card game genre with a story-driven experience that is as vast as the story itself.

Aether’s unique trading card platform brings the world of The Wheel of Time to life like never before. Visually stunning and hand-crafted artwork adorns fully animated cards, and cinematic CGI sequences enhance the drama of play. But Cards of Eternity offers more than spectacle: expect innovative features such as card crafting, powerful deck-boosting relics, and a thriving in-game economy where players can buy, sell, trade, or even rent out their cards.

“Aether Games is honored to have been selected by iwot productions as the exclusive digital card game licensee for a franchise as renown and cherished as The Wheel of Time,” said Jens Peeters, CEO of Aether Games. “We are committed to delivering a digital trading card experience that both respects the legacy of Robert Jordan’s masterwork and inspires players of all levels, whether longtime fans or those experiencing this extraordinary fantasy world for the first time.”

Larry Mondragon of iwot productions added: “The Wheel of Time community has thrived for decades on the rich storytelling of the books, and now the Prime Video television series. Cards of Eternity will offer fans an opportunity to experience this celebrated fantasy-fiction narrative in an entirely new way. Players won’t just witness the story, they’ll become an integral part of it.”

Every match encapsulates the excitement and complexity of the Third Age, allowing players to experience the thrill of commanding their favorite characters and engaging in tactical combat. Players will have the opportunity to align themselves with iconic factions from The Wheel of Time universe, such as the mysterious Aes Sedai and their battle-hardened warders or the sinister Forsaken and nightmarish Shadowspawn. They will build their ultimate deck and engage in strategic turn-based card battles that evoke the essence of the pivotal conflicts depicted in the best-selling books, Amazon television series, and upcoming theatrical motion pictures.

Additional features of Cards of Eternity include:

Cards of Eternity offers both Solo Player and Co-op (PvE) campaign modes, which delve into the intricate mythology of the series while unlocking an expansive range of new content for players to explore.

Cards of Eternity promises an exceptional experience for casual and competitive players alike. Matchmaking features allow players to find opponents at their own skill level, ensuring more balanced and enjoyable matches. Detailed tutorials will make the game more accessible to newcomers and training modes will let them experiment with new tactics.

Regular content updates will expand the library of cards. Players will have endless ways to modify their deck and adapt to ever-evolving gameplay strategies. The digital platform also allows for competition events, limited-time game modes, and other dynamic content that will keep the game fresh and engaging. With more than 200 exquisitely detailed cards to collect, dazzling animations, and player-driven card trading, Cards of Eternity is expected to foster a passionate user community.

An integrated AI guide will add a truly personal touch. Using the One Power technology recently announced by iwot productions and D1srupt1ve, players will be able to unlock and interact with sentient characters and creatures, adding a captivating RPG-like dimension to the gameplay experience. The One Power provides a foundation for endless, immersive storytelling possibilities and will be a game-changer for the trading card genre. Players will be able to experience AI gameplay for free, but extended use and access to the full suite of features will require a One Power subscription. Additional details about One Power will be provided in a future announcement.

Cards of Eternity will be available globally in multiple languages on Windows computers. Mobile and console releases are planned for a later date and will introduce a seamless cross-platform play experience.

A closed beta will launch this summer, giving dedicated fans a sneak peek and an exciting chance to shape the final stages of the game’s development. Participants will receive exclusive access, play a part in bringing this vision to life, and have an opportunity to win rare in-game content before the official release. More information about the beta program is available at

About The Wheel of Time:
The Wheel of Time has a massive global following. It is an epic story of unequaled depth and breadth. Its 14 novels use 4.4 million words to tell a story covering less than 3 years, while introducing the audience to a vast new world with more than 2,750 named characters and a rich backstory spanning a mythos of 3,000 years. The 14 novels barely scratch the surface of the immense cosmos Robert Jordan created, which will be explored in forthcoming live-action and animated movies, video games, and other media.

About Aether Games:
Aether Games is composed of industry veterans with an impressive pedigree in gaming and animation, dedicated to pioneering the next wave of digital entertainment. Following the successful introduction of Aether’s trading card platform, the team is excited to embrace The Wheel of Time universe.

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