IronWrath Set To Release Controversial New Music Video, “Tyranny”


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Tyranny (Photo from video)

IronWrath Band - Steve Bell

Steve Bell (Photo from video)

Music Video Release Date: October 11, 2023.

We believe in making music that matters, and videos that captivate the imagination.”

— Steve Bell, Rhythm Guitarist

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 2, 2023 / — IronWrath has never been a band to stray away from controversial topics when it comes to God or Freedom. The Band drives this point home with their second follow-up music video to their debut album “Master Storyteller” called “Tyranny.”

The new music video is directed by multi-award-winning filmmaker and Band’s producer C.G. Ryche. The message of the video is powerful and timely, exposing the abuse of power by our federal government and the importance of fighting for our rights.

View Trailer here.

The visuals in “Tyranny” are emotionally compelling, highlighting current events around the world in an intuitive and conveying the way most people view the times we’re living in. The locations of the band are cinematic, and the performances are high-octane, to say the least.

IronWrath showcases their unique approach to musicianship and heavy metal. Highlights are Ryche’s primal, tribal drumming, Johnny Blackout’s funky bass riffs, cinematic guitar work by Steve Bell, and an insane guitar solo by Sean Silas that will melt your face off.

The song itself has IronWrath’s signature “Arena Metal” sound and plays like a soundtrack to the thought-provoking lyrics.

All-in-all, “The Cinematic Masters of Metal” pull no punches with this endeavor and deliver once again the relevance of why well-made music videos matter in today’s music industry. The music video “Tyranny” will premier on the band’s YouTube Channel as well as their website.

With many more music videos on the horizon and plans to launch a story-driven media theatrical concert tour in 2024. IronWrath is proving to be an innovating band that’s pushing the boundaries of metal, cinema, and imagination.

About The Artist:

Known as the “Cinematic Masters of Metal,” IronWrath is a Cinematic Heavy Metal band known for its theatrical media, powerhouse performances, and stadium-style metal. Members of the Band include C.G. Ryche (Producer / Drums), Sean Silas (Lead Guitar), and Steve Bell (Rhythm Guitar / Vocals), Johnny Blackout (Bass) and Anton Petrenko (Vocals).

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Watch the Trailer for “Tyranny”

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