Hollywood’s Historical Theatre Welcomes the International Premiere of SkyFly The Movie

Premiere Location, Fine Arts Theatre in Beverly Hills.

SkyFly proposes a combination of skydiving, hockey, and recovery into an exciting and fun feature film.

LOS ANGELES, USA, March 19, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — “SkyFly” written and directed by Gary Smith, chronicles Danny Jone’s (played by Smith) path to recovery from addiction. Despite facing challenges like a parachute malfunction and a roller hockey showdown against their cunning adversaries, Danny learns that triumph awaits both in the skies and on the rink. The film is slated to premiere at the Fine Arts Theatre in Beverly Hills on April 13th, promising a gripping narrative of redemption and resilience.

The 2024 comedy drama, SkyFly, shares a remarkable resemblance to Smith’s own life. Danny Jones is an adrenaline junkie who faces a tragic loss and needs to find a way to deal with his emotions and get his life back on track. With a good group of friends, a new Brazilian love interest, and a lot of perseverance, Danny Jones needs to take down his rivals and find victory. Smith shares, “What a ride it has been! Lots of hurdles as one can expect with a feature film and I’m thankful for all of them.” The director’s expectation is that the movie makes the audience laugh, consider skydiving and know that they are not alone if battling addiction. “Words can’t express the gratitude I have for the journey of completing this film and for everyone who was involved in making it come to life.”

Gary Smith is a filmmaker originally from Northern California (living now in Los Angeles) with a love for skydiving and motorcycles, he combined them with his passion for storytelling and created his first feature film, SkyFly. He has been very open about his struggles with alcoholism, and his road to sobriety and has chosen to open a conversation about it through his character, Danny Jones. His approach to filmmaking has been from an entrepreneurial mindset, embracing the business behind filmmaking in order to support his love for the creative side. Gary’s spirituous entrepreneurial side was triggered by watching and living in the most diverse place in the United States, Los Angeles “One of my favorite things about LA is the diversity and enormous opportunity.”

The comedy drama stars Gary Smith, Shaun Fury, Bia Borinn, Eden Gamliel, and Thiago Tambuque with a cameo by Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld and Andy Dick. The film is produced by Gary Smith, Shaun Fury, and Corey Molina. There is a great deal of cast, crew, music and dialogue of Brazilian culture, creating a fun multicultural atmosphere.

The Fine Arts Theatre in Beverly Hills is excited to welcome the director of the film, Gary Smith, cast and crew on April 13th, 2024. For ticket information, press or general inquiries email [email protected] or call +1 774-319-0317.

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