Hollywood Sign Tour Newest Offering of Star Track Tours

Hollywood sign tour bus ready to go!

Star Track Tours, a Hollywood tour company announces their newest tour, taking visitors to the iconic Hollywood sign.

I hope people take advantage of it (Hollywood sign tour) because it’s a fantastic sight and the price point is great.”

— Jeff Napshin

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 16, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Star Track Tours, a longtime Hollywood tour bus company announced the addition of a new tour to their roster. As of spring 2024, Hollywood sign tours are on the list. The new tours are the result of constant demand from tourists who want to see the famous landmark up close.

Competition in the Hollywood tourism industry is fierce but Star Track Tours leads the pack in terms of innovation. Differentiating itself from other tours, they have been unique in offering enhancements to their tours of Hollywood and Beverly Hills such as video screens which show the interiors of the stars’ homes or movie filming locations at the same time as they drive past those places. The new Hollywood sign tour is one more arrow in their quiver to attract visitors to this Southern California hotspot.

Not every Hollywood bus tour can provide a trip to the Hollywood sign. In fact, the roads leading to the best photo opportunities can’t accommodate large buses. That’s a key selling point for Star Track Tours since their 13-seat Ford Transit vans are more agile and can go where others can’t.

The tours are ideal for visitors who may have limited time but still want to see the best of Hollywood. The 30-minute round trip allows tourists time for photos at one of the best locations in front of the sign (the sign’s huge letters themselves are off-limits to visitors) but included are some of the other famous sights along Hollywood Boulevard like the Chinese Theater, El Capitan Theater and the Walk of Fame. The Hollywood sign tour is also lower-priced than the full Hollywood/Beverly Hills tour.

Owner Jeff Napshin was excited to introduce the new tours. “We’ve had people asking about going to the sign for years. I finally sat down and said, okay, let’s do it. I hope people take advantage of it because it’s a fantastic sight and the price point is great.”

In addition to the new tour Star Track Tours has continually invests in vehicle maintenance, protecting their reputation as the safest Hollywood tour. “We want it to be fun,” Napshin said. “But first it has to be safe. We get you to the sign quickly and safely and then you get the photo of a lifetime.”

Tickets for the Hollywood sign tour are available on the company’s website along with other offerings for tourists visiting Hollywood and Southern California in general.

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