Hannover House Announces WHAM Studio Rentals – A Full-Service Provider to the Motion Picture Industry

WHAM Studios will offer an 8-unit SAG Honey Wagon and a 3-Unit Star Trailer.

Other WHAM specialty items include a 7-bay Hair & Make-Up Trailer and a fully equipped Grip & Electric Truck.

Hannover House announces a major, strategic investment in motion picture vehicles, trailers and gear to service in-house productions and third-party rentals.

Hannover House, Inc. (OTCMKTS:HHSE)

Hannover House has been operating continuously now for thirty years. We have survived by anticipating market conditions and evolving to meet those needs.”

— Eric Parkinson, HHSE C.E.O.

FAYETTEVILLE, AR, UNITED STATES, September 8, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Hannover House, Inc. (OTC: HHSE) has entered into a private investment venture to purchase movie specialty trailers, trucks and equipment to support the company’s expanded activities as a feature production company. The equipment will be housed in a newly constructed facility consisting of 3,600 square feet of office and production space, along with a 4,200 square foot “grand room” that will serve a dual purpose as a large storage garage for the vehicles as well as functioning as a production stage when needed. Pending finalization of the site and necessary permits, the company plans to commence construction in December with full operations ready by April, 2024.

“As we have experienced with our current ‘WILDFIRE’ production, there is a significant world market for quality feature films, and a predictable profit margin if they can be produced efficiently,” said Eric Parkinson, C.E.O. of Hannover House. “One of the recurring problems we have encountered in the past few years is the near-absence of specialty movie trailers and professional production gear for rental in this part of the country. This new venture is a strategic move to help reduce costs of future Hannover House and MyFlix productions, while also creating a rental business opportunity to service other productions in the Arkansas, Oklahoma and Missouri markets.”

The Hannover House movie equipment rental business will be branded as “WHAM Rentals”, an abbreviation of the phrase “We Have All Media.” In addition to cameras, sound equipment and lighting gear, the biggest ticket items for the venture are the movie specialty trailers: an 8-unit “SAG Honey Wagon” for actors; a 3-unit “Luxury Star Wagon” and a 7-bay “Hair & Make-Up” trailer. The company is also looking at the possibility of purchasing a “Lunch-Box” Production Trailer and a separate four-room restroom trailer.

“Based on our own, internal Hannover House facilitated productions for 2024, all of this equipment will be paid off within a year,” said Parkinson. “Additionally, as we anticipate nearly 24 weeks per year of down-time, the items can be rented to third party productions when we are not utilizing them, as an income source for HHSE and our private investors in the WHAM venture,” he concluded.

Full details of the financing structure and income forecasts for Hannover House will be included within the company’s current S.E.C. registration filings.

Hannover House is producing or facilitating four features at this time, including “The Last Days of Belle Starr,” “Native Fables”, “Modern Antiquities” and “Senior Year.” Additionally, the company is working with overseas co-production partners on a high profile, three-picture slate valued at over $80-million, all of which will be shot in Europe.

“Hannover House has been operating continuously now for thirty years,” said Parkinson. “We have survived by anticipating market conditions and evolving to meet those needs. There is a tremendous opportunity over the next few years to produce quality programming to service the worldwide explosion of streaming outlets. We are positioning Hannover House to fill that need, while also building a solid asset base in terms of company owned films and jointly-owned motion picture equipment.”

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