Gannett.Partners Unveils Unified Coaching, Advisory & Capital Platform to Develop Superior Leaders, Valuable Enterprises


Approach Combines Decades of Business & Venture Leadership with Human-centered Adult Development Insights & Mindfulness to Improve Professional/Biz Performance


Gannett.Partners introduces the first-of-its-kind, integrated solution designed to create better, more mindful leaders and more resilient and valuable enterprises. The firm’s groundbreaking, holistic model provides world-class Executive Coaching for high-performing individuals — from CEOs, boards of directors and investors, to elite sports and entertainment talent — Operating Advisory services designed to improve company performance as well as strategic Capital support, all under one roof.

Founded by recognized operator, entrepreneur, investor and native Texan, Chris Gannett, Gannett.Partners’ evidence-based performance platform merges coaching science, adult development psychology and mindfulness with proven company-building expertise to help leaders achieve personal and professional growth. The firm’s innovative coaching approach was intentionally designed to improve key company performance indicators not found on financial statements. By addressing corporate strategy, culture, employee engagement and development — among other indicators — Gannett.Partners helps companies improve corporate financial health and achieve sustainable business growth while also enabling investors to de-risk their portfolio companies. The Gannett.Partners business model is also uniquely structured to be a true partner in all stages of development. By investing in its clients’ visions — including literally as a member of select cap tables — Gannett.Partners is a mission-aligned stakeholder committed to long term success.

“A humanized approach to leadership is no longer nice to have; it’s non-negotiable if you want to succeed. Today’s founders, C-suite and ascending executives face new and historic challenges that can’t be solved using yesterday’s playbook,” said Gannett. “Modern workplaces demand leaders who intentionally and consistently seek to improve their business performance, their connection to colleagues and customers and their understanding of themselves. By blending hard-won business expertise and no-nonsense insights with a signature focus on leaders’ wellbeing, Gannett.Partners is helping individuals and enterprises cultivate high-performing environments that boost market value and result in sustained growth and impact.”

Gannett Partners’ innovative approach and model has quickly established the firm as an invaluable resource for prominent individuals and organizations — ranging from publicly-traded companies to high-growth challengers — across nine countries. The company’s clientele consists disproportionately of high-performing, Ivy-educated individuals, multi-exit entrepreneurs, C-suite executives and senior leadership teams at industry-recognized enterprises. Gannett.Partners has subsequently enjoyed over 45% compound monthly growth, 90% client retention rate and achieved an extraordinary 98 rating in its most recent Net Promoter Score survey — which measures how likely customers are to recommend the firm’s service to others — since its quiet launch in December.

Gannett Partners is led by Founder Chris Gannett, who has spent 28 years growing and transforming companies across various industries, with a close focus on consumer, media, entertainment and technology sectors. The serial C-suite executive, former Wall Street banker and Chief Marketer of “American Idol” and various Sony-owned business units earned an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis and certifications from the prestigious UC Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute and Leadership Circle. More recently, Chris joined Harvard Medical School’s McLean Institute of Coaching affiliate as a fellow as well as the International Coaching Federation (ICF). He also serves as a steering committee member of Venture Dallas.

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About Gannett.Partners:

Gannett.Partners is The Evidence-Based Performance Platform: a premier integrated resource for entrepreneurs, investors and enterprises. With a comprehensive solution encompassing Certified Coaching, Operating Advisory and Capital support, Gannett.Partners enables clients to accelerate personal growth, de-risk investments and achieve business objectives. Led by Founder and President Chris Gannett, a renowned executive coach, operator and investor, the firm is committed to delivering a transformative experience by addressing the personal, professional and financial aspects of business growth. With a focus on aligned incentives and superior results, Gannett.Partners is Elevating Human Potential as the partner of choice for individuals, organizations and investors striving for outsized growth and sustainable impact.

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