Egor Alexandrovich Abramov Takes on ‘Lada Gold’: A Riveting Nineties Saga

Egor abramov

Egor Alexandrovich Abramov

Join rising star Egor Abramov in the upcoming series “Lada Gold,” directed by Nikita Vlasov and written by Yegor Chichkanov.

MOSCOW, RUSSIA, June 8, 2024 / — Rising star Egor Alexandrovich Abramov, who had previously made waves with his parts in “Peace! Friendship! Gum!” and “Kapelnik,” is poised to captivate audiences once again in the soon-to-be-released show “Lada Gold.” The series, directed by Nikita Vlasov and written by Yegor Chichkanov, promises to take viewers on a thrilling journey through the sketchy 90s, filled with gangster luxury and high-stakes drama.

In “Lada Gold,” Egor Abramov portrays the character of Shamray, a young bandit navigating the complex world of gangster culture and family rivalries. Despite his tender age of 20, Abramov brings depth and authenticity to the role, showcasing his remarkable talent and versatility as an actor.

Reflecting on his character, Egor Alexandrovich Abramov remarked, “My character, in my opinion, is atypical for our cinema. This is something new and cool. There are few such characters. He reveals himself very beautifully after a while when he becomes an adult. And I believe that all these traits of the hero are revealed through his childhood, that’s why he became exactly like that.”

“Lada Gold” offers viewers a unique blend of past and present, with scenes from the nineties stylized to resemble the atmosphere of filming on VHS. The series also boasts a captivating score featuring songs from “Caspian Cargo,” “Noggano,” Kai Metov, and others, adding to the immersive experience.

“This is history. Our plot, which is written, is as fast and vivid as possible. The plot and story are captivating. A very dynamic series that can be watched in one go. When you watch it, you are imbued with it and it is impossible to tear yourself away. ‘Lada Gold’ is made with soul and energy,” shared Egor Alexandrovich Abramov.

With its gripping storyline, talented cast, and nostalgic nods to the nineties, “Lada Gold” promises to be a must-watch series for audiences craving high-quality entertainment.

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