DesktopEpics Celebrates “Predawn” Winning “Best Trailer” at New York Tri-State Film Festival

Predawn New York Tri-State Film Festival Award Winner

Award-winning short film captivates audiences with its compelling narrative

Predawn would never have gotten this far without the genius of everyone in our cast and crew. My gratitude for the opportunity to work with genuine stars in front of and behind the camera is endless.”

— Executive Producer Corey A. Burkes

COVINGTON, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, January 30, 2024 / — DesktopEpics, a rising force in the film industry, is thrilled to announce that their short film “Predawn” has been honored with the prestigious “Best Trailer” award at the New York Tri-State Film Festival. This esteemed recognition underscores the festival’s acknowledgment of the outstanding trailer that showcases the film’s compelling narrative and exceptional production quality (

Synopsis of “Predawn”

Retired military couple Reggie and Kimberly, portrayed by Diron Jones and Ashley Johnson, face a nightmarish scenario when zombie-like creatures emerge from the surrounding forest. The undead beasts, moving at an imperceptible rate, pose a two-year deadline for the couple to defend their dream home. The film unfolds as Reggie, aided by an FBI friend and a strategically armed property, confronts the accelerating threat.

The talented cast includes Diron Jones as Reggie, Ashley Johnson as Kimberly, Wynter J. Davis as Erin, Po Yen as Henry, Josh Schaffrin as Ned, Vasudha Krishnamoorthy as Radha, Gray Campbell as Carter, Madison Geiger as Madison, Izzy Miller as Charlotte, Kaycee Fillbright as Maggie, Joshua Alford as Paul, and Judith Aaron.

Co-directed by Angie Lynch and Corey Burkes. Produced by Karen Surgeon-Bennett, Troy R. Dowden, Theresa Matos, and Paul J. Haberman, the film boasts of a talented team, including music composer Liam Bradbury, production assistants Brianna “The Brave Cat” Spires and Russell Burkes, production photographer Iris Faction Media, makeup artist Antalya Suazo, wardrobe stylist Sariya Anne Burkes, casting services provided by Backstage, production sound recordist Jarid Coronado, computer graphic artist Javanshir Shukurov, drone aerial videography by KIG Films and For Your Consideration hostess Stacey Dori.

In addition to the New York Tri-State Film Festival, “Predawn” was an official selection at The Maryland Black Film Festival (MBFF) and the Queens Underground International Film Festivals for 2024.

Upcoming Projects

DesktopEpics continues to captivate audiences with exciting projects on the horizon:

“The Social Challenge” – Horror Short Film

Lucas, desperate for money, faces a supernatural challenge against a vengeful vampire in a post-production horror short film. Starring Diron Jones and Madison Geiger, written and directed by Corey A. Burkes. To be entered into the 2024-2025 film festival circuit.

“Self-Rising Flower” – A Podcast Audio Theater Drama

An 8-part audio theater drama in pre-production for a summer 2024 release on Spotify and all other podcast services. The story follows Erika’s journey from a stuck life to building a dessert empire with her brilliant daughter. Starring Ashley Johnson, Izzy Miller, Asia Slater, Isaiah Evans, and Lianna Perry Fountain. Casting by Theresa Matos.

Supporting “Self-Rising Flower”: A Call for Collaboration

As we embark on the production of “Self-Rising Flower,” DesktopEpics invites potential collaborators, supporters, and ad sponsors to join us in bringing this unique audio theater drama to life. We believe in the power of community support to elevate creative projects, and we welcome businesses or individuals who share our passion for compelling storytelling.

For those interested in contributing to the success of “Self-Rising Flower,” visit the Patreon page at:

The success of “Predawn” at film festivals marks a significant milestone for DesktopEpics, showcasing their unique storytelling style and commitment to crafting “Stories You Can Feel.”

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