The Animated Series

Antsy McClain and the Gang

An Ultra Hi-Def animated series comedy based on over 200 songs and colorful characters by artist/musician Antsy McClain.

Antsy McClain is an astonishing talent.”

— The London Times

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA, October 4, 2023 / — Way Cool World is a new animated series comedy created by James Dalessandro & Ken Estin, which is offering a sneak preview via live stream on its own YouTube Channel on October 7, 2023, at 4:00 PDST.

The Way Cool World series is based on over 200 satirical songs by Antsy McClain, who has toured the U.S. for more than two decades as both solo artist and leader of the Trailer Park Troubadours. He has also been Art Director of Tennesse Magazine for nearly 30 years and produced hundreds of paintings and drawings of the characters who inhabit his songs, winning numerous awards for his original work.

The October 7 streaming show on YouTube, called “THE MAKING OF WAY COOL WORLD,” may be viewed by registering free at

During the approximately one-hour streaming show, McClain will perform many of Season One’s Songs, with the show’s writers and producers offering in-depth looks at the song’s adaptation into a half-hour episode of animated comedy. The performance will be followed by a Q&A with McClain and Dalessandro, who wrote and directed the 90-second opening credits sequence and 90-second trailer for the pilot episode “Jailbird Beauty.”

Creator James Dalessandro is a Hollywood screenwriter, award-winning documentary filmmaker (The Damnedest, Finest Ruins), and bestselling author of several books, including “1906:A Novel” and “Citizen Jane.” He is the credited screenwriter of both. Ken Estin has been the head writer and executive producer of “Cheers,” “Taxi,” and the “Tracey Ullman Show” where he commissioned then-unknown artist Matt Groening to develop ideas for a three-minute animated insert that became “The Simpsons.”

“We wanted to expand the normal look and feel of television animation,” Dalessandro states. “We built the show in lush ultra high-def 3-D color so that even in 2-D format the details, contours, and shadow are movie quality. Music has been a key element in animated feature films for decades – Lion King, Anastasia, even South Park did a musical feature film. The difference is we started with the music of Antsy McClain and built our stories on his songs and characters. We have tested on people of every age group and are very encouraged by the response.”

According to Ken Estin, the Way Cool World title is eponymous to one of McClain’s most popular songs and 11 albums. He describes MClain’s music “As pure poetry set to contagious rhythms – funny, moving and uplifting. I listened to almost 180 songs. A lot of them are on YouTube. There’s a story in every one of them. Some obvious, some just aching for a few good twists.” Season One episodes include stories based on McClain songs Jailbird Beauty, Wreck of the Bookmobile, The Croquet King, The Blah Blah Song, Skinny Women Aint Hip, and ballads Primer Gray Impala and Falling in Love in Americal. The satirical nature and poignancy of McClain’s work have earned nicknames such as the Bard of Pine View Heights and the Walt Whitman of Aluminum.

Dalessandro adds, “The journey of the animated Antsy is to find an audience outside his beloved Pine View Heights, wed Debbie Jo and move from his classic old travel trailer into a single where he can take the wheels off. Every show begins with Antsy on stage at Mable’s Bait Shop and Sushi Bar. He introduces the adventure that inspired the song, sings a verse, wherein the animated re-creation begins and shows the journey that led to that episode’s song. At the episode’s end he is back on the stage Mable’s where he finishes the song and story with a trademark quip or two and the warm response of his avid followers.”

Each episode is produced by Pine View Heights Public Television and loyal sponsors like Stubbie’s Discount Fireworks, Max Grizzly’s Gently Used Dentures, and Uncle Ledford’s Aluminum Mansions.

Registrations are limited and registering is free at WAYCOOLWORLD.TV.

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